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Students record on the John Lennon Songwriting Tour Bus with Tim McGraw


LAAPA Press Release - 4/22/2003


On April 22, students from our River Ridge and Mandeville Schools of Music had the opportunity to visit and record on the John Lennon Songwriting Competition Education Tour Bus. The following entry below was taken from the official website of the John Lennon Songwriting Competition Tour Bus (


Tim McGraw

New Orleans, LA

Students from River Ridge and Mandeville School of Music



"Today we worked with a group from River Ridge School of Music. These students were very talented and eager to write a song. We started in the back studio where one of the boys played a song on the piano he had already written. They then decided to record his song and add other instruments they played. There were two guitar players, one played acoustic and the other electric guitar. The other boy played sax so we let him play the Yamaha wind controller which came out really nice on the song. He named the song "Two People" and at the end of the recording they ventured outside to shoot video in downtown New Orleans."