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National Federation Festival Ratings Announced


LAAPA Press Release - 5/01/2003


Congratulations to the following students for their top ratings in the recent National Federation of Music Clubs Junior Festival:


Musical Theatre/Voice:

Kelsey McKloskey, Superior

Megan Bennett, Superior

Kelsey McCloskey/Megan Bennett - duet, Superior

Shannon Irizarry, Superior



Kristin Alvey, Superior

Trey Alvey, Superior

Chase Applewhite, Superior

Megan Bennett, Superior

Jacob Brown, Superior

Calah Caballero, Superior

Ethan Caballero, Superior

Ben Carbo, Superior

Allison Davis, Superior

Diane Davis, Superior

James Davis, Superior

Mali Hanks, Superior

Matthew Hobbs, Superior and Honors Recital

Robert Klazynksi, Superior

Austin Lambert, Superior

Olivia Seal, Superior

Rheme Sloan, Superior

Drew Street, Superior

Alex Windle, Superior



Ulises Alvarez, Superior

Courtney Henry, Very Good

Amelia Robert, Superior