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LAAPA Names the Anton Beck Building at the Mandeville Campus


LAAPA Press Release - 5/13/2006


The Anton Beck Building was recently named on the campus of LAAPA's Mandeville School of Music in honor of Mr. Beck's generous donation of a mint condition Steinway M grand piano. The Beck Building will permanently house the new piano as well as a brand new computer lab, ProTools recording studio, and administrative offices.


An honors recital in honor of Mr. Beck was held May 13, 2006. LAAPA's top students and faculty members performed a variety of instrumental and vocal works which showcased the instrument.


Pictured from left to right (back row) are piano/voice faculty members Sara Kelly, Meredith Hotard, Mr. Anton Beck (with his niece), students, Carson Dore (saxophonist), Morgan Pyfrom (vocalist), Audrey Gurtler (pianist),. Pcitured in the front row are students Siskia Mudajanto (pianist), Benjamin Bonner (pianist), Robert Klazynski (pianist), and Shelbey Ledet (pianist, composer, vocalist).


Students at Laapa's Mandeville School of Music Perform an Encore at the Anton Beck Building Ceremony

An outdoor encore was presented during the reception by students of LAAPA's Northshore Orchestra under the direction of Mrs. Brandy Henderson (pictured conducting).


Pictured from left to right are Tad Kivett, accompanist/arranger, students Caroline Ledet (guitarist), Tom Dalfares (tenor saxophonist), Wes Eason (clarinetist), Anna Silvestri (violinist), and Dylan Veal (violinist).