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Congratulations Spring Recital Participants!


Congratulations to all our Spring Recital Participants!  Each recital had a huge turnout with parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends supporting all the performers!  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed each and every performance.   Please see the pictures from the Northshore and Southshore Performances below!



1st Row: Christina Braun, Emily Yalcin, Emily Oliveri, Timos Braun, Felipe Aceves, Sydney Stokes, Ian Nicoll, Taylor Vander, Zoe Eymard, Patrick Hoag 2nd Row: Shelby White, Ashley Gaitan, Sklyer Blake, Cecelia Falkenstein, Paulina Claros, Alyssa Bush, Michael Austin Verges, Makayla Page 3rd Row: Lauren Hunt, Ashley Benson, Preston Hughes, Phillip Sheffield, Cameron Hunt


1st Row: Trey Rodgrigue, Emilie Stoltz, William Kropog, Brandon Richards, Alyssa Bergeron, Zachary Montz, Carter Neill, Emma Pradillo, Hy Nguyen, Mark Broussard, Reagan Cantrelle 2nd Row: Kate Zenor, Anna Leach, Taylor Sims, Macie Breaux, Zoe Zollinger, Karen Lopez, Shelby Stephens, Sara Stoltz, Baylie Knauth, Kha Nguyen, Logan Rogers, Madeline Logan, George Nobles, Haliegh Bishop


1st Row: Gabi Parr, Venilla Satheesh, Vincent Lobue, Rannie Walker, Griffin Eberly, Kate Rush, Ariana Blagrove, Sameen Hossain, Charles Sandoz, Nate Methvin 2nd Row: Kellie Driscoll, Ivana Lobue, Grace Dumdaw, Grace Cassie, Kaitlyn Pattorozzi, Lauren Pattorozzi, Madeline Mickal, William Dunford, Sarah Hossain, Rishav Roy, Alina Chiu, Julia Chabreck 3rd Row: Travis Graham, Shay Dennie, Katie Pokrywka, Colton Blagrove, Joey Impastato


1st Row: Melissa Moore, Alexandra Jaeger, Luci McCaleb, Madison Livacarri, Noah Strickland, Analise Marin, Susannah Knights, Grace Ladner, Catherine Plaisance, Ethan Hansen, Zachary Miller 2nd Row: Shaw Corcoran, Liz Moore, John Hajjar, Matthew Fuentes, Emily Ruli, Emily Araki, Christy Davisson, Isabella Lambertson, Austin Hayes, Abigail Araki, James Plaisance, Anthony Short, Liam McCauley



1st Row: Andrew Cheung, Brooks Garcia, Julia Oubre, Emily Schneider, Julian Schneider, Kyler Thomas, Ana Maria Montes, Lilliana Marlowe, William Chen, Chanel Cheung, Alyssa Kerry, Olivia Kelly, Fiona Ching 2nd Row: Abby Webb, Camille Simon, Nicholas Byland, Julia Simon, Victoria Manguno, Stefan Schneider, Ethan Schneider, Jamie Huth, Venkat Vellanki, Olivia Guerra, Madison Graf, Patrick Lyell, Jarius Hurst 3rd Row: Vennela Vellanki, Chancellor Branch, Anna Baretela, Caroline Crowell, Amari Hurst


1st Row: Declan Altikriti, Ava Richard, Scout Hughes, William Lavie, Matthew Baffes, Elliot Schmedtje, Jack Lo, Amelie Bent, David Machado, M.J. Thomas, Mia Luquet, Diana Ledet, Gabriella Cordova, Rachel Royerre, Alex Bao, Jackson Bashaw, Sophia Clark, Samuel Clark, Avery Bruchis, Grace Williams 2nd Row: Courtney Black, David Price, Ryan Jones, Jacob Treigle, Zelvin Collins, Braden Bent, David Dillon, Munnawn Gill, Ryan Black, Charles Korndorffer, Charles Thompson, Daniel Davillier 3rd Row: Faharawn Gill, Emmanuel Willis, Will Willis, Michal Willis, Marcela Saavadra, Gabrielle Willis


1st Row:  Juliette Enright, Andrea Bohorquez, Abigail Pratt, Parker Enright, Julia Lecler, Reece Hazard, Isabella Bohorquez, Emma Barnes, Aubrey Berthelot, Lexie Rodriguez, Trisha Walvekar, Lilli Johnston, Haley Tran, Kody Nguy, Kate Burnett 2nd Row: Vanessa Hanon, Jessica Xu, Sakshi Sadhwani, Liem Tran, Jesse Lynn LeBoeuf, Rahul Sadhwani, Zamiri Welch, Gabrielle Lecler, Taylor Bonnet, Pearson Pratt, Annie Pham, Collin Cruz, Kyron Butler, Matthew Cruz 3rd Row: Sean Henry, Emily Champagne, Darian Razi, Tue-sy Pham, Lucy Pham, Michael Pham, Tamar Hankton, Tony Pham, Bennett Rine, Natalie Rine, Ben Willis


1st Row: Anthony Lam, Allison Tullier, Corinne Lobell, Lilly Keel, Rebecca Ullrich, Spencer Lanosga, Derrick Witzig, Jane Carriere, Ella Corsetti, Gavin Landry, Katherine Corcoran, Tori Patania, Callie Cristina-Matyas, Isabella Strassel 2nd Row: Daniel Mahne, Samantha Morris, Carolina Avila, Victoria Schauder, Matrel Turner, Tessa Anderson, Wesley Hodges, John Duong, Ashlyn Boyd, Theodore Fang, Lana Lawson, Fiona Marks, Ava Nicol, Catherine Plessala, Michael Plessala, George Tang 3rd Row: Armond Clark, Esther-Maria Icaza, Emma Hoss, Rebecca Culberson, Ashley Berry, Landon Lawson, Konrad Marks, Nathan Jackson, Tammy White, Katie Slater


From the Director, Ryan Cullen - “I was very proud of all students this year for their tremendous efforts and concert preparations.  All of the performances were wonderful and it’s always a joy for me to see the personalities of our students shine through on stage providing a lifetime of memories for all in attendance.


This year, I’m pleased to announce that a record number of trophies and awards were presented to all student performers for jobs well done.  Award categories included:  Effort, Original Composition, Most Improved,  Most Accomplished, Consistent Practice, Excellent, and Superior.  Students who participated in LAAPAFEST this past February were also awarded gold, silver, and/or bronze medals for their overall ratings.


All in all, these were some very memorable concerts, and if you couldn’t participate this year, we hope that you’ll be able to perform in our Christmas Concerts this December!  Be sure to check our website this Fall for new video clips of the concerts.” So congratulations once again to all of our Spring Recital performers.  Recital photos by Wally Porter Photography are also now in the school office and available for pickup.  You can also preview and order action shots on his website located at:

Time to Register for Fall!

Fall is nearly here!  If you weren't able to reserve your Fall lesson schedule during our June pre-registration, you may do so online beginning at 9:00 AM July 25-30 at

This will be your last opportunity to reserve your scheduled ahead of our large influx of new students that begin registering in August.


If you are unable to register online, feel free to also give us a call that week or stop by the school office during normal business hours. We want to ensure that you as a current or former student are able to choose from our most popular and convenient schedules before they are GONE!

Student News and Accomplishments

Lana Lawson received the Superintendent's award as well as made the honor roll with all A's for the entire year.  She is also the student council representative for the 1st grade and has been chosed for the gifted and talented program.


Landon Lawson made the honor roll with mastery scores in English and Math.  He also performed in the Jefferson Ballroom Dance Competition.  He will be entering Junior High this fall.


Diana Ledet competed with her school’s string orchestra in New York City on April 30 and the group came in 1st!

Welcome to Our Newest Students!

A HUGE WELCOME to the following new students who have recently joined us! We are so happy that you’ve chosen to study at LAAPA.  We know you will do great things this year!

Qualin Thomas
Michael Damore
Mason Avery
Amanda Hale
Nhi Nguyen
Karleigh Greer
Michael Luechauer
Brendan Kelly
Matthew Locke
Michael Miner
Anita Shales
Julian Shales
Tyler Beard
Nick Beard
Matthew Delaune 
Michael Billiout
Dane Gilmore
Todd Parker

Joshua Rumsey
Lauren Dabdoub
Ainsley Billson
Landon Chambliss
Patrick Flanagan
Brooke Heine
Kayden Henry
Kayori Henry
Shakira Morgan
Megan Canale
Wyatt Matherne
Anna Bordelon
Diamond Cummings
Anna Mace
Skylar Pepper
Amanda Schmidt
Kenny Sill
Kora Sternberger
Gabriele Sudmann
Veronica Bustamante
RJ Hollies
Angela Malespin

Joshua Smith
Shelby Baham
Lathanie Green Jr.
Richard Miller
Vera Miller
Alexis Couret
John D’Angelo
Holly Scalia
Ashley Lou
Hunter Love
Caleb Pique
Dakota Pique
Connor Wick
Kevin Donnely
Donovan Viverito
Marcela Saavedra
Samuel Rapp
Ana Paula Paiva
Jessica Hartzog
Bryan Curtis
Elizabeth Labat
Elisabeth Hansen
Reese Meyer

Lindsey Chamberlain
Thomas Chamberlain
Daniel Gandara
Katherine Mena
Ethan Tardy
Kristy Tucker
Yole-dy Jolly
Emily Whitehurst
Emme Cossich
Vania Castillo
Keith Pitre
Maggie Doyle
Massai Fernandez
Lexie Rodrigue
Kate White



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Meet the Faculty

John Russell Tucker - 23 Years at LAAPA

Russell Tucker, Associate Director was born and raised in New Orleans, LA.  He has been with the River Ridge School of Music & Dance for 23 years. Shortly after earning his B.M. Ed. Degree in piano from Southeastern Louisiana University, he was hired by Wanda Cullen, Assistant Director/Founder to teach piano lessons from her River Ridge home studio in what was the very beginnings of LAAPA.


Russell’s favorite part of the job is “the smile on the students’ faces when they realize what they have accomplished.”


From the Director, Ryan Cullen -“Not to give away Russell’s age, but he was one of my first piano teachers at LAAPA when I was growing up. 

Those lessons were some of the best times I had as a young student.  Mr. Russell always throws in jokes and his famous ‘quick magic tricks’ to keep things fun, but at the same time he wants to help his students progress and excel! 


Looking back, I was definitely not the greatest student (believe it or not!) and didn’t practice as much as I could have.  However, Mr. Russell always helped me in every way he could and made my lessons fun and enjoyable and laid the groundwork for my love of music which is the very definition of our mission here at LAAPA.  He continues in this tradition to this day, and it is indeed a privilege to have him on the Faculty.”


FUN FACTS about Russell - favorite food: steak, favorite color: day glow green, hobbies: eclipse and racehorse photography and collecting music cd’s and downloads

Meet the Staff

Cyrena Adkins, Administrative Manager

Cyrena and her boyfriend Travers


Cyrena Adkins is LAAPA’s Administrative Manager has been on the staff for over three years now. 
She is based at the River Ridge School of Music and Dance and performs a variety of duties which ensure that the daily operations of the River Ridge, Mandeville, and Covington Schools run smoothly.


From the Director, Ryan Cullen - “Well, this is definitely not enough space to explain all that Cyrena does and how appreciative we are to have her with us, but let’s just say, thank goodness for Cyrena!”  


Cyrena’s favorite part of the job is “watching the students succeed at the recital after all their hard work through out the year”.


New Orleans resident since 1996
Favorite food: mom’s baked ziti
Favorite color: green
Hobbies: traveling

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