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Big Dates for Spring-Summer!


Metairie, River Ridge, New Orleans Summer Music Camp and Summer Dance Classes


Join us this July for a Summer of Music, Dance, Acting, Creativity, and Fun in our annual Summer Music and Dance Camps! Our Summer Music & Dance Camps provide all campers (ages 5-16, beginning, intermediate, and advanced) with the opportunity to explore up to five of our instrumental, vocal, and performing arts programs.


Summer Camps will be held July 9-13, 16-20, 23-27 at the River Ridge School of Music & Dance and the Mandeville School of Music and July 16-20 at the Covington School of Music. In order to maintain the highest level of interaction between teachers and students, we limit enrollment to only 25 students each week, so space is extremely limited and is on a first come, first served basis! For more information or to register online, please visit our Summer Camp website at

LAAPAFEST 2012 Results!

LAAPAFEST was a huge success this year at all three of our schools!  All students having studied their instrument(s) for over a year were invited to perform for a panel of three LAAPAFEST judges.  All participants did a fabulous job with nearly 100% earning Excellent and Superior Ratings overall! The following students earned Excellent and Superior ratings:


Araki,  Emily Voice Superior
Araki,  Emily Piano Superior
Araki,  Abigail Piano Superior
Avila,  Carolina Voice Superior
Avila,  Carolina Piano Superior
Baham,  Shelby Voice Superior
Bao,  Alex Violin Superior
Bent,  Braden Piano Superior
Blagrove,  Colton Piano Superior
Blake,  Skyler Voice Superior
Boe,  Amanda Voice Superior
Bogle,  Mallory Voice Superior
Bohorques,  Isabella Piano Superior
Bohorquez,  Andrea Piano Superior
Bohorquez,  Andrea Voice Superior
Breaux,  Macie Voice Superior
Burnett,  Kate Voice Superior
Chiu,  Alex Piano Superior
Chiu,  Alina Piano Superior
Clark,  Sofia Piano Superior
Clark,  Sammy Violin Superior
Clark,  Armond Guitar Superior
Clifton,  Sarah Piano Superior
Collins,  Zelvin Drums Superior
Corcoran,  Shaw Piano Superior
Culberson,  Rebecca Violin Superior
Didriksen,  Luke Drums Superior
Dumdaw, Grace Violin Superior
Dunford,  William Guitar Superior
Falkenstein,  Cecilia Violin Superior
Fang,  Theodore Guitar Superior
Garigipaty,  Saishreya Piano Superior
Gill,  Fahrawn Violin Superior
Gill,  Munnawn Violin Superior
Graf,  Madison Voice Superior
Gray,  Oliva Voice Superior
Gray,  Oliva Piano Superior
Guerra,  Olivia Piano Superior
Hajjar,  John Guitar Superior
Hoag,  Patrick Piano Superior
Hollis,  Bree Voice Superior
Hossain,  Sarah  Violin Superior
Hossain,  Sameen  Piano Superior
Jackson,  Nathan Piano Superior
Johnston,  Lilli Piano Superior
Jones,  Devin Drums Superior
Kelly,  Olivia Piano Superior
Klazynski,  Robert Piano Superior
LaBiche,  Gabrielle Piano Superior
Lanosga,  Spencer Piano Superior
Lawson,  Lana Piano Superior
LeBlanc,  Tyler Piano Superior
Lewis,  Michael Piano Superior
Livaccari,  Madison Piano Superior
Lyell,  Patrick Piano Superior
Mahne,  Daniel Piano Superior
Manguno,  Victoria Piano Superior
Manguno,  Victoria Voice Superior
Marks,  Konrad Piano Superior
Marks,  Fiona Piano Superior
Matyas,  Callie Piano Superior
McCauley,  Liam  Guitar Superior
Montes,  Ana Maria Piano Superior
Montes,  Ana Maria Voice Superior
Moore,  Melissa Piano Superior
Moore,  Melissa Voice Superior
Moore,  Melissa Violin Superior
Moore,  Liz Guitar Superior
Moore,  Madeline Piano Superior
Moore,  Madeline Violin Superior
Moore,  Madeline Voice Superior
Morris,  Samantha Piano Superior
Nguy,  Kody Piano Superior
Parmer,  Lauren Voice Superior
Pattarozzi,  Kaitlyn Voice Superior
Plaisance,  Catherine Piano Superior
Plessala,  Michael Piano Superior
Rider,  Greg Cello Superior
Rodrigue,  Lexie Piano Superior
Rogers,  Logan Guitar Superior
Royerre,  Rachel Voice Superior
Ruli,  Emily Voice Superior
Rush,  Kate Violin Superior
Saavedra,  Marcela Piano Superior
Saavedra,  Marcela Voice Superior
Sandoz,  Charles Piano Superior
Satheesh,  Vennila Piano Superior
Shan,  Botao Violin Superior
Simon,  Camille Piano Superior
Steele,  Brett Piano Superior
Stoltz,  Emilie Piano Superior
Thomas,  MJ Piano Superior
Tran,  Haley Piano Superior
Tullier,  Sarah Voice Superior
Turner,  Matrel Piano Superior
Verges,  Michael Austin Voice Superior
Walvekar,  Trisha Voice Superior
Wille,  Evan Guitar Superior
Willis,  Gabrielle Guitar Superior
Yalcin,  Emily Piano Superior
Araki,  Zachary Guitar Excellent
Blagrove,  Ariana Piano Excellent
Bonnet,  Taylor Piano Excellent
Bonnet,  Taylor Piano Excellent
Broussard,  Mark Piano Excellent
Claros,  Paulina Piano Excellent
Cordova,  Gabriella Violin Excellent
Crowell,  Caroline Piano Excellent
Cruz,  Matthew Piano Excellent
Cruz,  Collin Piano Excellent
Dabdoub,  Lauren Cello Excellent
Falkenstein,  Cecilia Voice Excellent
Fuentes,  Matthew Guitar Excellent
Hale,  Amanda Voice Excellent
Hanon,  Vanessa Voice Excellent
Lavin,  Ryan Alto Sax Excellent
Leach,  Anna Voice Excellent
Lively,  Katie Piano Excellent
Lopez,  Karen Voice Excellent
Mahne,  Daniel Voice Excellent
McCaleb,  Luci Piano Excellent
Mesa,  Angelina Piano Excellent
Nguyen,  Kha Piano Excellent
Nobles,  George Violin Excellent
Osbourn,  Casey Violin Excellent
Oubre,  Julia Violin Excellent
Page,  Makayla Piano Excellent
Pham,  Annie Piano Excellent
Pham,  Tony Piano Excellent
Pham,  Tue-sy Piano Excellent
Plaisance,  Lucas Piano Excellent
Plaisance,  James Alto Sax Excellent
Rhinehart,  Gabriel  Voice Excellent
Richards,  Branden Piano Excellent
Rine,  Bennett Guitar Excellent
Royerre,  Rachel Violin Excellent
Satheesh,  Vennila Voice Excellent
Shirley,  Amelia Voice Excellent
Simon,  Julia Piano Excellent
Sims,  Taylor Voice Excellent
Strander,  Shane  Alto Sax Excellent
Subramaniam,  Sanjana Violin Excellent
Tang,  George Guitar Excellent
Tucker,  Kristy Voice Excellent
Vander,  Sydney Piano Excellent
Vander,  Taylor Piano Excellent
Verges,  Michael Austin Piano Excellent
Walker,  Rannie Violin Excellent
Webb,  Abby Violin Excellent
Willis,  Ben Guitar Excellent
Willis,  Michall Voice Excellent

Congratulations to you all from Ryan, Wanda, Faculty, and Staff!


April 22nd Faculty & Honors Recital

The Honors Recital will be held on Sunday, April 22nd at Fuhrmann Auditorium at 2pm. As an added bonus for the Honors Recital, there will be a Faculty Recital directly before the students perform!  Members of the LAAPA faculty will be performing solo acts as well as in groups with one another.  This will definitely be a great way to lead up to our main performance—the Honors Recital!  This concert is FREE and open to the general public! We hope to see you all there for 2:00pm to enjoy both recitals! 

Spring Recital is Coming - Will You Be Performing?

Spring is in the air which means it’s time for you to start selecting and practicing your pieces for the Spring Recital.  The Covington and Mandeville Schools of Music will hold their recital on Saturday, June 16th at the Fuhrmann Auditorium in Covington. The River Ridge recital will be held on Saturday, June 23rd at St. Martin's Solomon Theatre.  Northshore students - mandatory practices will be held on Saturday, May 19th, 26th and June 2 for all students that are participating.  Two of the three practices must be attended in order to perform.

Southshore Students - mandatory practices will be held on Saturday, May 26th, June 2nd and June 9th,  for all students that are participating.  Two of the three practices must be attended in order to perform.  We look forward to hearing you all at the Spring Recitals!


Where's Your Teacher Playing?

River Ridge School of Music & Dance in New Orleans - Faculty Member

● Guitar Instructor Josh Theriot plays with his band Flashback a tribute band to the 80’s! You can catch Josh on 4/13 SCC Golf Tour, 4/13 Strawberry Fest in Ponchatoula, and 4/21 Cate Street Pub in Hammond.

● Jack Pritchett teaches brass/wind, piano, and percussion for the River Ridge School of Music and Dance.  This March, he had the opportunity to go to Panama for the Boquette Jazz and Blues Festival and play with The Smoking Time Jazz Club. 

● Come and Hear Your Teachers Perform!  FREE ADMISSION - LAAPA Faculty Concert 2012 —April 22 - 2:00 PM at Fuhrmann Auditorium.  Featuring faculty members: Curtis Staples, Terrel Stewart, Victoria Hills, Joshua Theriot, Dr. Joseph Macaluso, Vanya Karachobanova, Simona Gronic, Joshua Eddington, Bill Solomon, Ben Hurst, Russell Tucker, Carolyn Moore, and Rebecca Posey.  Don’t miss this special event!


Teacher Feature - Mr. Curtis Staples

Mr. Curtis Staples began teaching at LAAPA in 2009.  He teaches guitar, piano, percussion, and music theory.  Curtis says his favorite thing about being a teacher at LAAPA is attending the recitals and hearing students perform. 

Curtis received a Bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2007.  He majored in classical guitar and music industry. While studying at USM, Curtis performed with Southern Miss Guitar Ensemble. 

Curtis recently visited Japan with his family during the 2011 holiday season.  He went sightseeing in Nagasaki, a city destroyed by bombing during WWII.  Inspired by the resilience of the people of Japan to rebuild Nagasaki into a beautiful city once again, Curtis believes Japan will be able to recover from the dreadful earthquake and tsunami that struck last year.  Curtis will be playing the Sakura Theme by Yocoh Yuquujiro at the LAAPA Faculty Concert on April 22nd.

Curtis loves teaching at LAAPA and works very hard to help his students understand the many concepts of music. (He is pictured to the right learning Japanese Calligraphy.)

New Orleans Guitar Lessons Instructor at LAAPA

Student News

Mandeville Louisiana Voice Lessons - Student News


Anna Strickland sang the National Anthem with her peers in The Fontainebleau Jr. High School Choir at the Hornets game on March 24th.  She attends the Mandeville School of Music.


Sammy Clark & Kate Rush both received Superior awards when they competed for The Gold Cup String competition held at the Community Music School at Southeastern University.  They  both attend the Mandeville School of Music.

Violin Lessons in Mandeville Louisiana - Student News
River Ridge School of Music & Dance Student Feature

Wesley Hodges performed the lead role in Pirates of Panzance at the Atonement Lutheran School.   He attends the River Ridge School of Music and Dance.

On December 16, some of our adult violin students performed in a String Ensemble at the River Ridge Starbucks under the guidance of their teacher, Kate Withrow.  Participants included students Adrian Barton, John Fore, and Gina Radecker.  Even Jeannette Prater, staff member at the River Ridge School of Music and Dance, got in on the action and performed with the ensemble!  Some video excerpts have been posted on our YouTube channel at as well as our website at  Check it out!


The Pham Family

River Ridge School of Music & Dance - The Pham Family

Mr. Tue Pham is very proud of all his children and his niece and nephew.  They all attend the River Ridge School of Music & Dance.  Annie, Tony, and Tue-sy, Mr. Tue’s children, have been taking piano lessons for 5 years as have his niece, Lucy, and nephew, Michael.  Lucy additionally studies violin and Michael also studies the guitar.
Annie, age 11, is in the 5th grade and attends St. Rita in Harahan.  Her favorite song is Fur Elise and she loves Classical, Modern, Jazz and just fun music.  When asked about the school Annie said “she loves almost everything about LAAPA.”
Tony, age 12, is in the 6th grade and attends St. Rita as well.   He does not particularly have a favorite song/style and just enjoys all music.  He loves his lessons because he likes to learn the music he wants to play!  He especially appreciates LAAPA because it is fun to learn new things.
Tue-sy, age 15, is in the 10th grade at De La Salle High School in New Orleans.  He loves Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B music.  He enjoys his lessons because of the great teachers who are very informative and interactive.   He stated that LAAPA allows students of all ages an opportunity to learn any type of instrument.
Lucy Pham, age 15, attends De La Salle High School in New Orleans as well.  She loves to listen to Pop and R & B.  She really likes her lessons because the teachers are supportive and understanding. She said “the classes are just fun.” 
Mr. Tue Pham and his wonderful musical family live in Westwego, where the River Ridge School of Music and Dance is close to home.  He heard about the school through a friend at his church parish who recommended the school highly.  His children enjoy their music lessons, and he believes that their music instruction has helped them to develop their cognitive and concentration skills and abilities. 


Many of our LAAPA Instructors are totally booked. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day, or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list. 

There are still limited lesson spots available. To inquire about openings for May or June please contact us!

River Ridge School of Music & Dance
Kristen T, piano/voice/preschool - 9 AM-3 PM - 1 opening
Simona G, violin/cello/piano - 4:30-7 PM - 1 opening
Ben H, guitar/piano/banjo/ukulele - 9AM-3PM - FULL!
Rebecca P, voice/piano - 12:30-7 PM - FULL!
Kate W, violin 3:00-8:45 - FULL!
Matt O - piano - 9 AM-3 PM - 1 opening
Bonnie F, voice/piano 2-8 PM - FULL!
Vanya K - violin/cello/piano/voice - 9 AM - 3 PM - FULL!
Gabriel P, violin 3:30-9:00 - FULL!
David M, drums/bass - 10:30 AM-3 PM - FULL!
Ben H, guitar/piano/drum/ukulele/banjo - FULL!
Josh T, guitar/bass/drum/piano - 9 AM-2:15 PM - FULL!
Russell T, piano 3:30-8 PM - FULL!
Mandeville School of Music
Simona G, violin/cello/piano - 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM - 1 opening
Jennifer E, piano/voice 2:15-8:45 PM - FULL!
Covington School of Music
Elena B, piano - 3:30-7:45 - FULL!
Adam K, guitar 3:45-8:15 PM - FULL!
Carolyn M, voice/piano - 2:15-9 - 1 opening
Dan C, piano 3:30-8:00 PM - 1 opening
Rebecca P, voice/piano - 3-9 PM - FULL!
Meredith B, voice/piano - 3-9 PM - FULL!
Simona G, violin/cello 2:45-7:30 PM - FULL!
Josh T, guitar/rockband/drum/piano - 2-9 PM - FULL!
Curtis S, guitar, 4:30-8 PM - FULL!
Russell T, piano 3:30-8 PM - FULL!
Kathleen M, voice 2:45-8 PM - 1 opening
Curtis S, guitar - 2:45-9 PM - 1 opening
Meredith B, voice/piano - 3-9 PM - FULL!
Carolyn M, voice/piano - 1:45-9 PM - FULL!
Bonnie F, voice/piano/violin/flute - FULL!
Rebecca P, voice/piano - 1:45-9 PM - FULL!
Dr. Kathleen W, voice - 4-8:15 - FULL!
Jan Z, winds/brass/violin/voice - 2:30-8:00 PM - FULL!
Russell T, piano 3:30-8 PM - 1 opening
Ben H, guitar/banjo/mandolin/piano - 2:30-9:00 PM - FULL!
Carolyn M, voice/piano - 2:30-9 PM - FULL!
Kathleen A, voice/piano - 3-9 PM - 1 opening
Curtis S, guitar - 3:30-8:30 PM - FULL!
Adam K, guitar - 3:45-9 PM - FULL!
Bonnie F, voice/piano/violin/flute - 2:45-9 PM - FULL!
Dr. Joe M, brass/wind/percussion - 2:30-8 PM - 1 opening
Dr. Kathleen W, voice - 3:15-8:15 - FULL!
Rebecca P, voice/piano - 2:15-8 PM - FULL!
Meredith B, voice/piano/music therapy/preschool - 2-8 PM - FULL!
Josh T, guitar/bass/drum/rockband - 2:30-8 PM - 1 opening
Josh T, guitar/bass/drum/piano - 2:15-8:30 PM - FULL!
Kathleen A, voice/piano - 3-9 PM - FULL!
Bonnie F, voice/piano/violin/flute - 3:30-7 PM - FULL!
Maggie P, piano/voice - 4-7:15 PM - FULL!
Ben H, guitar/mandolin/piano - 3-7 PM - FULL!
Russell T, piano - 3-6:30 - 1 opening
Rebecca P, voice/piano - 3:30-9 PM - FULL!
Curtis S, guitar - 3-7 PM - FULL!
Meredith B, voice/piano - 2:30-8 PM - 1 opening
Ben H, guitar/piano/drum/banjo - 12:45-9 PM - 1 opening
Bonnie F, voice/piano/violin/flute - 9 AM - 2 PM - FULL!


How Does the Summer Work at LAAPA?

Here are some frequently asked Questions and Answers that we typically receive / provide each Spring:

Q. “How do lessons work in the summer?”

A.  The Academy is open year round, and we do not close during the summer. Your lessons will continue through the summer.

Q. “Do a lot of students stop during the summer?”

A.  While a small percentage of students do take part of the summer off, June and July are strong enrollment months for new students as parents and students are eager to fill their summer schedules with lessons and our summer camps.  These students often choose to continue their lessons into the Fall.

Q. “How full is the Academy?”

A.  The academy has grown by over 100 students this year to 925 – the most in the history of the academy since its inception in 1978.  Nearly all of the most popular lesson times of from 3 – 7 PM are now completely booked.

Q. “If we stop during the summer, can we keep our spot for Fall?”

A. While we have been happy to guarantee a spot for students taking part of the summer off in the past via our pre-registration and early registrations, we are no longer able to do so due to increased demand, our limited availability, and commitment to our faculty to provide them with their contracted salaries. If you stop lessons during the summer months, we cannot guarantee that we will have a spot for you in the Fall as your spot will be open to both new students (who begin in the summer) and current students (who may wish to change their time or increase their time).

A.  The academy has grown by over 100 students this year to 925 – the most in the history of the academy since its inception in 1978.  Nearly all of the most popular lesson times of from 3 – 7 PM are now completely booked.

Q. “Can I change my lesson time for the Summer or Fall?”

A.  Absolutely.  While most schedules remain the same through the Summer, we are more than happy to try and work out a better alternative for you whenever possible.  Students who take lessons at Kehoe-France Northshore and Stuart Hall will be called and scheduled on our campus closest to you: River Ridge, Mandeville, or Covington. We are also happy to offer a pre-registration online at to all current students.  During the online pre-registration, you’ll be able to inform us of your Fall scheduling preferences.  You may also call the office at any time should you find that a schedule no longer works for you and we can immediately work on finding something more suitable for you.

Q. “If we continue lessons through the Summer to keep our spot, can we makeup missed lessons due to travel vacations?”

A.  YES!  We are happy to makeup any classes that you miss while traveling over the summer. Just give us a call as usual whenever you will be absent and sign up for one or more of our makeup classes! Group Makeup Classes Never Expire! Another option new at LAAPA this summer is SKYPE LESSONS with your teacher via any computer/IPAD with highspeed Internet and a webcam/microphone! Some students also choose to lease their lesson time out to another friend or family member over the summer so that when they come back, they still have their same prime schedule. These are some of the many options to consider - please let us know how we can best assist you with lessons this summer! Please note that July 3-6 we will be closed for Summer Break so you won’t miss any classes that week. 


Don’t miss out on the most convenient lesson times this Fall!  

Pre-Register for Fall Music Lessons & Dance Classes online at beginning April 30 at 9 AM!

***Please note that pre-registration is available to all students continuing lessons through the summer.  Failure to pre-register could mean losing your current schedule!***

Welcome to Our Newest Students!

A HUGE WELCOME to the following new students who have recently joined us! We are so happy that you’ve chosen to study at LAAPA.  We know you will do great things this year!

Lisa Auberle
Laine Barcelona
Reginald Bartholomew
Ironisha Bates
Skyy Beasley
Nicolette Belanger
Yvette Benedetto
Andrew Bertrand
Lauren Bishop
Miranda Bishop
Brielle Boudreaux
Fawn Bradshaw
Dhiren Brickman
Olga Bueno
Jade Buras
Abby Buras
Molly Buras
Carol Burdsal
Brennan Burger
Reginald Burris
Payton Calcagno
Skylar Camardelle
Parker Enright
Carolyn Canulette
Carson Canulette
Claire Canulette
Michael Chatelain
Eric Chin
Samuel Christian
Brian Clark
Kyndall Clements
Aiden Cobb
Madelyn Cohen
Anthony Colemann III
Kate Corcoran
Amy Cornforth
Sara Cordova
Robert Cusimano
Shriharan Daasan
Tomas Day
Avery DeFrank
Tai Desselle
Ava Marie Dieutto
Emily Dong
TJ Dufour

Zachary Eodice
Adeoluwa Fadesere
Tyler Fair
Whitney Fallo
Theodore Fang
Kennedy Felix
Savannah Fields
Max Flynt
Carl Foto
Andrew Frey
Kive Fritter
Landon Frizzell
Jerry Froeba
Hannah Garvey
Braden Gautreau
Carmen Giles
Anita Gilford
Katie Glaviono
Amanda Gordon
David Gray
Emily Griffin
Katy Guidry
Angelia Hallner
Miles Hamauei
Jack Harper
Lindsey Henriques
Marta Herrara
Cole Hodge
Ryder Hodge
Tammy Hopkins
Cymiriaj Hughes
Cameron Hunt
Leonard James
Krystal Johnson
Mary Kangas
Swathi Katakam
Kaelen Keeton
Jonathan Kelchner
Charles Kellum
Samuel Kellum
Gus Kitchens
Siya Kumar
Amelle Lagarde
Nicholas Lasala

Robert Latournerie
Camree LeBlanc
Trent Lenze
Jessica Leslie
Ari Li
Brianna Lino
Terri Lombard
Connor Mahony
Michelle Malouf
Isabel Mathes
Leah McClendon
Sarah McConnell
Cameron Miller
Zachary Miller
Lorelai Mitchell
Carley Mizell
Rayna Moiz
Sireen Moiz
Kelly Monaghan
Charlie Myers
Ruben Nambo
Kadence O’Malley
Chris Latournerie
Abigail Owens
Joshua Owens
Violet Porsche
Brooke Quast
Libby Rembert
Tanesia Roberson
Amelia Roberts
Isabella Roberts
Nya Roberts
Mario Rodriguez
Harrison Rogers
Bradyn Rohden
Kandy Rose
Lindy Sanders
Trey Aubert
Dustin Settles
Caleb Shartle
Caleb Shartle
Alexis Kay Silva
Grant Smith
Traci Smith
Cheetara Stampley

Grace Stewart
Alexander Stremiakov
Lillian Stricker
Anna Strickland
Laura Strickland
Zhan Su
Deanne Tanner
Miranda Tillery
Anthony Treas
Gabrielle Treas
Alexander Uyeda
Linda Vermillion
Camille Villar
Brandon Vo
Cameron Vo
Dylan Vo
Grant Voyles
Conner Wagner
Stephan Weigand
Kobe Williams
Joshua Wingrove
Jordan Young
Gary Zeringue


New Referral Program at LAAPA - FREE LESSONS!

Enjoying your experience at LAAPA? 

Refer a Friend and get a FREE Lesson!  When you refer a friend to LAAPA  and they register, you will receive a certificate for a 30 minute complimentary lesson—a $50.00 value!  You may schedule a lesson in any of our numerous program offerings!  There’s no limit as to how many FREE lessons you can earn!  We’re so glad that you’re with LAAPA and this is just our way of saying THANKS!

A Story of Giving and Thanks!

Mandeville, LA Voice and Piano LessonsThe Jarrell Family would like to thank everyone for their donation of $1 for The Green Wagon Bracelet that will bring awareness to this deadly disease, Melanoma.  One our own LAAPA family members has this disease and your donations will help in so many ways. Mr. & Mrs. Jarrell found out on July 20th that Grace has the worst of Melanoma.  She has been having ongoing treatments and she is doing well.  You can follow her story at

Grace loves getting your cards and letters. If you'd like to please send them to Grace Jarrell c/o Freedom Alarm Service Inc PO box 399 Abita Springs, LA 70420. Thanks!

Again the Jarrell family gives thanks to all who donated so generously! 

Contact Us:

Covington School of Music: 985-590-4545

Mandeville School of Music: 985-674-2992

River Ridge School of Music & Dance: 504-738-3050


Email student news and article submissions for our next newsletter at!