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Register Now for Fall Music Lessons and Dance Classes in New Orleans, Metairie, River Ridge, Kenner, Covington, and Mandeville, Louisiana!

Time To Register for Fall!

Fall is nearly here!  If you haven't already reserved your Fall lesson schedule and instruction please do so now! Current students who did not request any scheduling changes for Fall will simply keep your current schedule!  Many of our instructors are now booked completely.  New students may register online or call the school office to enroll!  New this year at LAAPA for students who simply don't have time to come out to our 3 campus locations are Skype Music Lessons!  All current music students ages 10-up may also enroll in our FREE Weekly Skype Theory Classes for children and adults - space is limited in these classes! 

Congratulations to Spring Recital Participants!

LAAPA Awards Program for Music Lessons, Piano Lessons, Dance Classes in the Greater New Orleans area Our 2012 Spring Recitals were a great success—with some truly inspiring performances! The diversity of talent and ages of students who performed was an outstanding contribution to the success of the recitals.  Every student went home with a trophy award! Congratulations to all our Spring Recital Participants!  Videos of the concert are currently being added to our Video Gallery at (see the “newest videos” tab).  We’ll have additional photos and videos posted there soon as well as on our NEW FACEBOOK page at  Be sure to like us on Facebook if you haven’t already done so!

Summer Camp Fun!

Our 2012 Summer Music Camps were a huge hit!  What are our summer camps? Every year we accept 25 students each week of July to enjoy a variety of musical instruments and classes with us. This year, we had great experiences and witnessed many extraordinary performances! Each student received hands on lessons in valuable performing arts foundations such as stretches, dance steps, stage presence, theory and ear training, chords, note reading and performance techniques. Our more experienced campers took part in several ensembles and received advanced training in their selected programs. At the end of each week campers had the opportunity to perform what they had learned in just a week's time! Additional photos are available in our Facebook Photo Albums!

Summer Music & Dance Camps at LAAPA!

Dancing at the River Ridge School of Music & Dance! Musical Theatre Classes at the River Ridge School of Music & Dance
Congratulations to all Students, Parents, Instructors, Families and Friends for some truly outstanding performances! Group Photos of the event are featured below:

Covington & Mandeville Schools of Music 2012 Spring Concerts

Students at the Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts pose for a Photo!
1st Row:  Michael Silvestri, Griffin Eberly, Alex Cobos, Ariel Hill, Alyssa Bergeron, Yaira Espinosa, Taylor Vander, Zachary Montz, Jade Buras, Brayden Rohden, Alyssa Bush, Matthew Fuentes

2nd Row: Debbie Lusco, Liam McCauley, Cecelia Falkenstein, James Plaisance, Carley Mizzel, Shelby White, Evan Wille, Carmen Giles, Lucas Plaisance, Amanda Gordon, Gilberto Cobos, Sydney Vander, Grace Grundmann

3rd Row:  Sara Stoltz, Michael Lewis, Jamie Planchard, Shane Strander, Jonathan Covell, Sarah Tullier, Gabrielle LaBiche, John Hajjar, Randi Gaspard, Anna Leach, Cindy Van Duyne
Music Students at the Covington School of Music and Mandeville School of Music
1st  Row:  Delany Bright, Noah Strickland, Abigail Araki, Dash Hansen, Liam McCauley, Jake Bodie, Joel Rodriguez, Andrew Bertrand, Kaela Massey, Ariana Blagrove, Ethan Hansen, Emma Pradillo, Brian Bartee

2nd Row:  Kate Gauthreaux, Charles Korndorffer, Bella Roberts, Katie Glaviano, Paulina Claros, Emily Araki, Mario Rodriguez, Michael Austin Verges

3rd Row:  Zachary Araki, Isabella Rodriguez, Margaret Shephard, Marta Herrera, Jonathan Hansen, Madelyn Logan, Macie Breaux, Amelia Roberts, Colton Blagrove, William Dunford, Luke Hansen
Performances at the LAAPA Recitals included piano students, violin students, voice students, banjo students, ukulele students, mandolin students, drum students, and more!
1st Row :  Hy Nguyen, Brooke Silva, Miranda Tillery, Grace Ladner, Chloe Shartle, Nhi Nguyen, Karli Silva, Nina Derks, Roman Pierson, Samantha Jaeger, Gabrielle Sudmann, Abigail Owens, Ashley Taylor

2nd Row:  Kha Nguyen, Alexandra Jaeger, Britney Nguyen, Whitney Nguyen, Alyssa Schoeder, Lauren Parmer, Patrick Hoag, Kate Rush, Cymiriaj Hughes

3rd Row:  Hannah Sutton, Mallory Bogle, Grace Dumdaw, Allan Cuff, Micah Doyle, Stephanie Dribus, Maddy Rose, Phi Lam

1st Row:  Ian Kelly, Ivan Guidry, Julian Shales, Charles Sandoz, Emily West, Madison Livacarri, Sydney Stokes, Mackenzie McClain, Sameen Hossain, Landon Frizzell, Patrick Cullen, Susannah Knights, Sammy Clark, Sophia Clark

2nd Row:  Kate White, Jefferson Walker, Brandon Myers, Skylar Schoen, Madeline Moore, Ian Nicoll, Sarah Hossain, Mellissa Moore, Brandon Core

3rd Row:  Haliegh Bishop, Shelby White, Liz Moore, Emily West, Alex Jarrell, Eryn Kelly, Mei-Lan Ordone, Logan Rogers, Emily Ruli, Thomas Ruli, Abigail McClain, Shaw Corcoran

River Ridge School of Music & Dance 2012 Spring Concerts

The Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts and the River Ridge School of Music & Dance offer regular performance opportunities to all students in the New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, and River Ridge LA area.
1st Row: Olivia Kelly, Ana Maria Montes, Kate Corcoran, Ella Corsetti, Tori Patania, Fiona Marks, Anthony Lam, Haley Tran, Lilli Johnston, Audrey Layne Corcoran, Tracy Chen, Vania Castillo, Kaelin Taylor, Rayna Moiz

2nd Row: Shelby Baham, Emily Dong, Patrick Lyell, Nicholas Byland, Molly Buras, Emily Maffe, Konrad Marks, Katelyn Chopin, Madison Graf, Bennett Rine

3rd Row: Melissa Chadborn, Victoria Manguno, Maggie Graham, Vanessa Hanon, Molly Graham, Abby Buras, Fran Miles, Ben Willis

1st Row: Jayda Bullard, Molly Inman, Jack Lo, William Lavie, Matthew Baffe, Scout Hughes, Elijah Jonas, Collin Pelitere, Shelby Inman, MJ Thomas, Quinn Rosenstein, John Baumgarten, Degan Dansereau

2nd Row: David Dillon, Katherine Corcoran, Lexie Rodrigue, Callie Matyas, Miracle Lewis, Ironisha Bates, Dhrien Brickman, Angela Malespin, Brooks Garcia, Jarius Hurst, Abby Webb, Amaya Burrell, Jackson Bashaw

3rd Row: Marguerite Eppling, Armand Clark, Erik Huarcaya, Botao Shan, Swathi Katakam, George Tang, Tyler LeBlanc, Amari Hurst, Wesley Hodgson
Our beginning ballet Students performed at the River Ridge School of Music & Dance recital - they were a hit!
1st Row: Alyssa Kerry, Miranda Bishop, Kaitlyn Cabiro, Ayva Smith, Amelie Bent, Kody Nguy, Siya Kumar, Tayja Taylor, Olga Bueno, Lauren Bishop, Brianna Lino

2nd Row: Anna Dawson, John Michael Tullier, Annie Pham, Victoria Henry, Collin Cruz, Fiona Ching, Spencer Lanosga, Juliette Enright, Parker Enright, Sakshi Sadhwani, Allison Tullier

3rd Row: Matthew Cruz, Matthew Plessala, John Duong, Tony Pham, Tamar Hankton, Michael Pham, Kelly Monaghan, Marcela Saavedra, Rahul Sadhwani, Lucy Pham, Munnawn Gill

4th Row: Harrison Rogers, Tue-sy Pham, Nicole Presley, Fahrawn Gill
The River Ridge School of Music & Dance offers a variety of lessons and classes including, voice, piano, guitar, violin, drums, saxophone, trumpet, musical theatre, tumbling, dance, ballet, hip hop
1st Row: Michael Royerre, Rachel Royerre, Ava Richard, Seth Rutman, Brett Steele, Vito Eshleman, Adeoluwa Fadesere, Nathaniel Green

2nd Row: Ryan Jones, Emily Gray, Lana Lawson, Zelvin Collins, Devin Jones, Theodore Fang, Olivia Guerra, Nikki Thorne, David Price, Nathan Jackson

3rd Row: Kay Alexis Silva, Julia Simon, Landon Lawson, Lindsey Henriques, Alyson Vu, Camille Simon, Amanda Hale, Ana Paula Paiva, William Willis

4th Row: Michall Willis, Samantha Morris, Yole-dy Jolly, Victoria Miller, Daniel Mahne, Emmanuelle Willis, Tammy White, Katie Slater, Gabrielle Willis


Where's Your Teacher Playing?

Victoria Hills plays piano for the church services at North Cross Methodist in Madisonville.

Maggie Probst sings with the New Orleans Opera Association and will be performing in the October Gala.

Josh Theriot's 80's tribute band will be playing:August 11th at Cate Street Pub in Hammond, LA & August 18 at Cadillac's Rock n' Country in Laplace, LA.


Carolyn Moore is finishing writing songs for her sophomore album. She will be going to the recording studio in Nashville during the holidays .She is currently involved in worship music at Church of  the King. is her website.

Teacher Feature - Ms. Meredith Bradley

Ms. Meredith teaches piano, voice, preschool classes, choir, and music therapy sessions. Yes, you would say she is essential to Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts.  She is beginning her second year with LAAPA and loves teaching here!  Meredith's schedule is always very full which indicates her amazing gift for teaching. 

Meredith  is originally from New Orleans and grew up in North Carolina. She earned her Bachelor of Music degree from Loyola University in New Orleans as well as a Master of Arts in Music Therapy from New York University.  Meredith  plays and sings classical music but enjoys working in all styles as well as exploring the world of improvisation and song-writing. Outside of music, she loves the outdoors and especially enjoys hiking. She is very happy to be back in Louisiana and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. 

Welcome to our New Faculty Members!

Denise Bonis, strings/piano/voice
Dr. Jeff Copeland, guitar
Jenna McSwain, piano/voice
Katarina Boudreaux, piano/voice
Candace Schaedel, dance
Baylie Stillwell, voice/piano

Practice Makes Perfect - Tips from your Favorite Teachers!

Bill Solomon, Guitar—Remember to learn about playing music in different situations. Learn Happy Birthday or a Christmas song. This will get you used to playing in front of people and of course learning a fun song will help it seem like you are really not practicing!


Dr. Jeff Copeland works with Music Theory students during the River Ridge School of Music & Dance's July Summer Camp

Victoria Hills, Piano—Try to sight read on a regular basis. Pick a song easy enough to play through, look at the time and key signatures, any dynamic markings, tempo, rests, and any accidental it might have and play all the way through.


Curtis Staples, Guitar—Whenever learning a new piece of music, take a moment to recite the notes before you begin to play them.  Be sure to count the time when beginning to learn a new piece.  Give this practice strategy a real shot, and it will help you learn a piece in less time!


Maggie Probst, Voice/Piano—My favorite way to practice a new piece or skill is to use a metronome and slow it way down, about half tempo or slower. When you can play it accurately & steadily at that tempo, speed it up just a bit and play it again. Keep repeating until you can play it perfectly at the correct tempo.

Students in the News

Mandeville Louisiana Voice Lessons - Student News
Bree Hollis performed in the Jefferson Performing Arts Society as Flounder, from the Little Mermaid.  Bree was amazing and had a solo “She’s in Love.”

Gabriel Rhinehart performed the role of Augustus Gloop in Slidell Little Theater's production of Willy Wonka.

Ian Kelly won 1st prize at a Science Competition.  He missed his first music class to give his presentation to the St. Tammany Parish School Board on ACOUSTICS!

Michael Austin Verges will be portrayed at Troy Bolton in the cast of High School Musical.


Mallory Bogle attended a opera camp in Dallas.  She had to audition for the camp and turned out she was selected as the youngest in the group!

Juliette Enright recently played a principle role in the Audubon Zoo/Aquarium/Insectarium commercial!
Look for her face the next time the next time you see the  commercial! 

Holly Scalia brought a friend Shanna Baudier.  Shanna really enjoyed  observing Holly's lesson and would like to take lessons at LAAPA soon! Remember "Bring a Friend Day" is coming in October!


Tekla Babyak, pianist and fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in musicology at Cornell University, hosted  a  piano master class at the Christwood  Retirement Community in Covington this past May.  She chose to open the Master Class to students of LAAPA exclusively due to our reputation as the premier school of the performing arts in the area.  Five students at LAAPA were selected to perform a solo during the master class, and Tekla provided them with help and resources during their performances.  Participants pictured below from left to right:  Madison Livacarri, Melissa Moore, Madelyn Moore, Tekla Babyak, Gabrielle Labiche and Sara Stoltz.  


River Ridge School of Music & Dance - Piano Master Class for Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts students

Fall Dance Classes at the River Ridge School of Music & Dance - New, Expanded Offerings for Fall!

We are pleased to offer many new dance classes for children and adults this year! New classes include Music Theatre (ages 7-12) and Tumbling (ages 3-5). Our complete schedule of Fall Dance Classes appears below!


Ballet Classes for Children and Adults at LAAPA


Meet the Dance Faculty...



Ms. Whitney was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She trained at Cherry Creek Dance, Miller Dance Studio & Cleo Parker Robinson. She has flourished as a professional dancer in a myriad of styles including: Jazz, Modern, Ballet, West African, Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical, Tumbling, Break dancing, Aerial, Latin Ballroom, and Contemporary.  She eventually decided to open Highlands Dance Studio which has always been her dream, and successfully ran it for 3 years.  Whitney has recently moved to New Orleans with her husband.  She  has since  come to the River Ridge School of Music and Dance, to spread her love of the arts and passion to the talented student there.  We are very fortunate to have her here.  Whitney eventually hopes to establish a Junior Company with students from RRSMD and even utilize the music department for a collaboration of young and unique productions.



Ms. Candace has been dancing since she can remember. “After years of balancing dancing and school I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in Performing Arts. I attended Arcadia University for communications and pursued my minor in Theater and Performing Arts. While at Arcadia University I choreographed for the dance group on campus all four years.  In addition to that I came home to Delaware every summer and taught classes to New Castle Dance Academy’s general students and dance team. I have worked with the dance team through four StarPower competitions. Many of the students I have assisted in teaching have received Power Paks and special awards.  I felt gravitated to share my passion for dance with others after seeing such great success in my students.”


Welcome to Our Newest Students!

A HUGE WELCOME to the following new students who have recently joined us! We are so happy that you've chosen to study at LAAPA.  We know you will do great things this year!

Kacie Bienvenu
Kimberly  Adams
Max Anderson
Olivia Apatini
Laura Arenas
Patrick Bach
Ludovica Ballou
Alex Bellew
Joshua Bernard
Tatum Borne
Jordan Bowden
Chance Broadway
Sophie Brooks
Erica Brossette
Adair Brown
Conner Cabal
Ella Caronna
Julia Chabaud
Murphy Christina
Renee Christina
Levi Clark
Kelli Coleman
Creed Cooke
Jeff Craighead
Anna Crawford
Sharon Cromwell
Kendrick Cyprian
Alyssa Davis
Kahlon Davis
Ethan Diliberto
Jena Diliberto
Joey Diliberto
Joanna Drivalas
Melissa Dupre

Sam Durst
Taylor Durst
Jack Ehlinger
Vito Eshleman
Elise Falkenstein
Macee Fielding
Gabriela Figuero
Luke Fontan
Kennicka Hagan
Erroll Harris
Julie Hasse
Rachel Higgins
Madelyn Hill
Wayne Himel
Elbert Hoang
Christopher Iazzetta
Dannaca Ivory
Chanelle Johnson
Emily Johnson
Austin Kent
Samar Khan
Mallory Kiefer
Burk Kivilcim
Joshua LaBranche
Mary Langlois
Brynn Loughlin
Deborah Love
Alyssa Loyd
Alexe Oritz

Bailey Otero
Derren Parker
Gwen Ragas
Valentin Ramones
Eve Rehkopf
Maha Rehman
Sophia Ren
Sierra Roberson
Isabella Roberts
Isabella Roberts
Emma Rogers
Ethan Rogers
Sarah Rogers
Christopher Ruello
Merilly Ruglas
Michael Russell
Rebekah Russell
Matthew Schaff
Brookelyn Session
Rhonda Sims
Oliver Sobrino
Scott Sorensen
Amanda Steger
Jakob Sudmann
Julie Townsend
Elise Trepagnier
Maria Vargas
Elizabeth Volpi
Cecilia Vu
Roslyn Walsh
Craig Williams

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