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New at LAAPA - Ipads in the Studio! - LAAPA Embraces Technology in the Classroom

Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts embraces Ipad technology for piano, violin, voice, and guitar lessons in Metairie, New Orleans, Mandeville, and Covington, LouisianaViolin Lessons Metairie with Ipads at LAAPAMusic Theory Classes in New Orleans, Metairie, Covington, Mandeville, and River Ridge with Ipad Technology at LAAPA

(pictured above left: Ms. Meredith Bradley with voice student Abby Roux, center Ms. Vanya Karachobanova with violin student Alison Agena, right Ms. Denise Bonis with music theory student Cameron Vo, pictured below using the Ipad is violin student, Elliette Vorhoff)
At LAAPA, we're always improving the overall experience for our students and parents. Our most recent $10,000 project has focused on bringing the latest generation of Ipads into each of our classrooms at the Mandeville and River Ridge campuses - and very soon to our Covington campus!
New backend networking equipment to handle all of the Ipad traffic as well as a new and improved guest wi-fi network for our students and parents was also part of the upgrade! When asked about what they thought of the new Ipads at LAAPA, our students and faculty responded as follows:
Students - What do you think about LAAPA's new Ipad install?
"It's fun to play with the apps and gives us something to do other than use our books." ~ River Ridge campus music theory students
"They are lots of fun!" ~ Abby Roux (pictured above)
Teachers - What do you think about LAAPA's new Ipad install?Ipads for Music Lessons in Covington, Mandeville, Metairie and New Orleans at LAAPA
"They are a great tool to work on music theory especially. It is a new way to get the kids engaged and excited. It keeps their attention in a whole new way. The ability to record the students and let them hear themselves is really cool too." ~ Meredith Bradley, voice/piano faculty (pictured above)
"Love it! It is very useful and the games are fun." ~ Vanya Karachobanova, violin faculty
"Having another teaching tool is always awesome and some apps the kids really love." ~ Denise Bonis, violin/piano/theory faculty
Students - What are some of your favorite apps?
"Music Tones, Music for Little Mozarts" ~ Alison Agena
"Sight Reading and Tenuto" ~ Abby Roux
"RHYTHM CAT!" ~ Theory class altogether!
Teachers - Would you say that having access to this kind of technology in your lessons gives your students an educational advantage?
"Absolutely! To see them really engaged is awesome for a teacher. Also, having another visual, aural, tactical activity keeps their minds active in another musical way than playing their instrument or looking at their book is important." ~ Denise Bonis, violin/piano/theory faculty
Have an app suggestion for the school Ipads? Write to us at!

In The News

Metairie Piano Lessons Student, Olivia Kelly.  Olivia takes piano lessons with Russell Tucker at the River Ridge School of Music & Dance in Harahan, LARiver Ridge School of Music & Dance piano student Olivia Kelly (pictured left) auditioned and made it into her school (St. Catherine of Siena) Variety Show. Thanks Mr. Russell who helped us put something together on such short notice! She played "The Grandfather's Clock" and "When the Saints Go Marching in."
Covington School of Music piano student, Bailey Sitarz won 1st Place in Junior Earth Science in Southeastern Regional Science Fair. Her project was "Levees."
Covington School of Music vocal student, DeLynn Basso has several gigs coming up at Muffaletta's - part of Jason Baglio's "The Elvis Experience". Call for seating (985) 747-0491. Best to call two weeks before show date. She'll be performing - April 27th @ Muffaletta's in Amite 7pm & May 25th @ Muffaletta's in Amite 7pm
River Ridge School of Music & Dance piano student, Colton Blagrove made Eagle Scout and there was a Resolution from City Council of Slidell in his honor.
River Ridge School of Music & Dance vocal student, Nicholas Byland was presented with an American Physiological Society Science Fair award for his project entitled, "How do Plants grow with and without Fertilizer?" Nicholas received an APS T-shirt, certificate and a "Physiology Researcher" lapel pin for the best physiology project. He will go on to compete statewide.

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Faculty Practice Tips - "Building Chords - Pt. 1"

by Ryan Cullen, Director

Building chords on any instrument in any key is easy once you know how they are put together!

First some basics - most music that we listen to is built in half and whole step intervals. A half step is the smallest interval and occurs when you move from one key to the very next key on the piano (whether black or white). A whole step occurs when there is ONE key (whether black or white) between any two other keys on the piano.

Now armed with that knowledge, let's build a basic major triad. A major triad consists of a "major 3rd" interval on the bottom and a "minor 3rd" interval on the top. For example, on the piano, if you play a middle C to the E above, the distance between those two notes is two whole steps, or what we call in theory, a "major 3rd" interval.

The distance from the same E to the G above is slightly shorter at one whole step and one half step, or what we call in theory, a "minor third" interval.

Now you know the secret to building major triads in any key!

music theory lessons in metairie, kenner, harahan, mandeville, and covington louisiana

Student Shout Outs!

"I have been associated with the Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts (LAAPA) and the Covington School of Music for over six years. My son took piano and guitar lessons for four years and I started voice lessons in September of 2011. The professionalism of the management and staff is commendable. The staff at LAAPA are dedicated to their students and work hard to create venues and new opportunities for the students to perform and express their talent. They also are very attentive to the unique learning style of each student and match the student and instructor as closely as
possible. I'm pleased to be part of the LAAPA family." ~ Cindy Van Duyne

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Students of the Month - Brandon & Andrew Core

covington guitar, piano, and violin students of the month at LAAPA's Covington School of Music

Brandon & Andrew are piano and guitar students at the Covington School of Music. We recently had a chance to interview them to find out a little bit more about them and their lessons and classes here at LAAPA!

How long have you been taking lessons?

Brandon – "Piano 2 years and Guitar 3 months."
Andrew – "Violin 8 years and Guitar 3 months."

What is your favorite thing about taking guitar and piano lessons at LAAPA?

Brandon – "Being able to play the songs I like."
Andrew – "Learning something and then hearing it on the radio and recognizing it."

What kinds of things do you work on in lessons?

Brandon – "Scales and Chords."
Andrew – "Whatever I like is what Josh helps me out with...songs, theory and chord progressions."

What are some of your short term and long term goals while taking lessons at LAAPA?

Brandon – "Learn a lot of songs."
Andrew – "Looking forward to playing with friends for fun."

What do you enjoy about your teacher the most here at LAAPA?

Brandon – "He's good and knows a lot."
Andrew – "He is funny, energetic and really knowledgeable."

What are some of your other interests/activities?

Brandon – "Sports."
Andrew – "Soccer and Networking."


Many of our LAAPA INSTRUCTORS are totally booked!  If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day, or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list. 

To inquire about openings for April or May, send an email to or call one of our locations: (504) 738-3050 for River Ridge, (985) 674-2992 for Mandeville, and (985) 590-4545 for Covington. The following is a PARTIAL list of who is BOOKED!


Maggie: FRI 1 spot! TU – BOOKED!
Kathleen: TU & WED 1 spot!
Kristen: SAT – BOOKED!
Bonnie: MON & SAT 1 spot! WED, TH, FRI – BOOKED!,
Jennifer: MON – BOOKED!
Russell: MON, TU, TH 1 spot! WED – BOOKED!
Meredith: MON, TU, WED, TH – ALL BOOKED!
Katarina: TU 1 spot ! WED & SAT – BOOKED!
Jenna: TH 1 spot ! WED & SAT – BOOKED!
Baylie: TH – BOOKED!
Rebecca: WED 1 spot! MON, TU, TH, FRI – BOOKED
Victoria: MON & SAT – BOOKED!
Bethany: TU 1 spot! SAT – BOOKED!
Daniel: TH 1 spot!
Charmaine: WED 1 spot!
Ryan: TH – BOOKED!


Bill: FRI, 1 spot! MON & SAT – BOOKED!
Curtis: FRI 1 spot! MON – BOOKED!
Josh: WED, TH, SAT 1 spot! MON &TU – BOOKED!
Ben: SAT 1 spot! MON, TU, TH, FRI – ALL BOOKED!



Gabriel: MON – BOOKED!
Simona: MON & TH 1 spot! WED & SAT – BOOKED!
Denise: TU 1 spot! MON & WED – BOOKED!
Vanya: SAT 1 spot!


Vitalie: MON – BOOKED!
Ryan: TH – BOOKED!
Dr. Joe: WED 1 spot!

Where is Your Teacher Performing?

Sunday, April 21 - 2 PM LAAPA's Faculty & Honors Recital


Join the LAAPA Faculty, Staff, and Students as they perform in our annual Faculty & Honors Recital!


The concert will be held this year in Nunemaker Auditorium on the campus of Loyola University New Orleans.


The concert will feature our faculty members as well as

students who received an invitation from the LAAPAFEST judges to perform.


Our faculty members are preparing a variety of classic pieces and original compositions for your listening pleasure!
Our faculty performers this year will include:

Meredith Bradley, piano
Dana Hudson, flute
Jenna McSwain, vocal/piano
Vitalie Gumeniuc, saxophone
Adam Bock, guitar
Victoria Morehead, piano
Simona Gronic, violin
Chad Mundt, bass
Ryan Cullen, piano
Katarina Boudreaux, vocal/piano
Brittany Piatz, marimba
Rebecca Posey, soprano
Josh Theriot, guitar
Russell Tucker, piano
Carolyn Moore, vocal/piano
Cara Williams, soprano
Curtis Staples, guitar

One show only - Not to Be Missed - FREE ADMISSION & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

A Huge Welcome to Our Newest Students and Families Who Have Just Joined Us!

We are so happy that you’ve chosen to study at LAAPA. 
We know you will do great things this year!

Chloe B., Eleanor S., Kenneth B., Sarah D.,
Serena G., Dilara G., Kaycie B., Malobi M.,
Ricardo A., Brian F., Lexi K., Hayden I., Justin M.,
Lindsey B., Sequoia B., Idalie W., Frankie M.,
Sthael F., Sydney S., Hayden J., Nilah M.,
Rachel D., Connor M., Gracie R., Jessie M.,
Jethro M., Michael A., Olivia J., Parker T.,
William T., Ava S., Namratha M., Madelyn H.,
Margery P., Derek W., William C.

Join us this July for a Summer of Music, Dance, and Fun!

Dear Parents and Students,

Summer will be here before you know it, and so will our Summer Music and Dance Camps! Early Registration is now available online at as well as at the front desk.

Our Summer Music and Dance Camps provide all campers (ages 5-16, beginning, intermediate, and advanced) with the opportunity to explore up to five of our instrumental, vocal, and performing arts programs!

See our campers in action - watch a short video below!
New Orleans Summer Dance and Music Camp

For Brand New Beginners with Little of No Experience...

Campers (with little or no music or performing arts background) are able to receive initial training and see what program(s) interest them!

Perhaps your child has shown an interest in music, dance, piano, singing, guitar, violin, drums (just to name a few!)? Wherever his/her interest lies, we are happy to provide a formal introduction to the programs of your choice in a structured and fun environment!

At the conclusion of each week of camp, the faculty members write a brief overview of your child's aptitude for each program/instrument which is extremely helpful in determining which program/instrument would be a good match in terms of regular classes and private lessons.

For Experienced Students...

Our camps also provide experienced students with a week of concentrated study to accelerate proficiency and to generate motivation to learn new and improved methods of study... giving new life to the student's instrument or vocal study.

All Students...

At the end of each day of camp, all students come together for performance classes which feature what they have learned that day in camp!

In order to maintain a balanced atmosphere of fun, creativity, and education, only 25 students are admitted each week.

2013 Summer Camp Details:

July 8-12 (Mandeville and River Ridge campuses)
July 15-19 (Covington, Mandeville, & River Ridge campuses)
July 22-26 (Mandeville and River Ridge campuses)

Tuition: $250.00/week

Registration: $15 per student

Lagniappe Corner

violin lessons in metairie, new orleans, mandeville, covington, and harahan louisiana

Alison & Percy

Mandeville School of Music violin student, Alison Agena, recently shared with us that her dog, Percy
tries to make her play with him while she's trying to practice!

She also writes that sometimes he just enjoys the music and tends to sing along! Keep your eye out for Percy - maybe
he'll be on stage at the next recital?!

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Take Music Lessons and Dance Classes with us at the Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts!

Enjoying your experience at LAAPA?

If you have a friend who might like to take lessons, if you refer them to LAAPA and they enroll, we'll give you a gift certificate for a free lesson! It's very easy to refer someone. Just visit:

Type in your name, their name and their contact information and we'll take care of the rest! There's no maximum to the amount of free lessons that you can receive! We’re so glad that you’re with LAAPA and this is just our way of saying THANKS!