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Achieving Your Goals in Music & Dance Lessons

New Orleans, Metairie, Mandeville Piano and Guitar Recitals
(Pictured above, River Ridge School of Music & Dance summer camp students having a blast!)

Now that summer is nearly gone, it’s time to begin thinking about the upcoming school year! Typically, this means many new things - new grade level, new books, new uniform, new teacher. For adults relocating in the summer months, the Fall often means, new job, new boss, new home.

With all of these changes, Fall can seem overwhelming, however try to take some time out and determine the things that are truly important to you. Try to picture yourself going into next Summer having accomplished 3 new things (or maybe more!). What would they be?
Setting goals is a huge part of success in business, family, and of course in music lessons and dance classes! When you set your goals this Fall, don’t just set them - also write them down!
To demonstrate the power of written goals, Dominican University of Califonia psychology professor, Dr. Gail Matthews, studied 149 participants over a 4 week period.
The participants were separated into various groups whose tasks ranged from mentally commiting to certain goals (Group 1) - all the way up to writing down goal sets, action commitments, sharing goals with a friend, and sending those friends a weekly progress update (Group 5).
At the end of the study, those participants in Group 1 achieved 43% of their goals while those in Group 5 achieved 76% of their goals! Wow! You can read more about this study at
So think about what you’d like to accomplish here at LAAPA this Fall. Perhaps there is a Youtube video that you’ve been inspired by or recording that blew you away! Discuss your goals with your teacher, and write them down in your assignment book or notepad. Each week, check your progress with your teacher until you eventually reach your goal!
Good luck!
Ryan Cullen
Academy Director

Congrats to students Madelyn Kennedy and Addyson Belk who each won an iPad Mini in our recent giveaway. Watch the official giveaway video here!

We're planning another big giveaway this Fall so stay tuned!

Congratulations to our 2014 Spring Recital Participants at the Covington & Mandeville Schools of Music!

On Saturday June 14, students of the Covington and Mandeville Schools of Music presented four Spring Concerts at the Fuhrmann Auditorium in Covington, LA. Below are this year’s students performers and award winners!

1st Row: Marco Vargas, Camille Crutcher, Corinne Ward, Sadie Gulle, Kristen Palomo, London Thompson, Eleanor Sharp, Lila Musso, Alivia Sponsel, Madilyn Kennedy, Ashleigh Hoggle, Lauryn Rios, Luke Rios 2nd Row: Emily McRae, Ariel Hill, Maddie Chustz, Menley Daussin, Monique Valdin, Blakely Shouse, Joshua Peltier, Patrick Hoag, Riley Sutter, Shelly Hebert 3rd Row: David Cressy, Erica Brossette 4th Row: Gabriella Vargas, Michael Capritto, Brian Fink, Harris Baumann, Grant Halstead, Zachary Araki, Emily Araki, Brittany England, Abigail Araki, Cameron Doyle

1st Row: Kaitlyn Gerard, Allie-Grace Greene, Celeste Vige, Helen Sandoz, Akshara Mahesh, Spencer Richard, Rowaen Johnson, George Gomez, Jr., Austin Knauff, Addison Fitzmorris, Aidan Pradillo, Daniel Brammer 2nd Row: Brianna Oubre, Hunter Lawton, Grace Grundmann, Emma Pradillo, Madison Livaccari, Kate Rush, Alejandro Cobos, Heidi Brammer, Charles Sandoz, Lorraine Drez, Ava Schwing, Amanda Boe, Mario Rodriguez, Gilberto Cobos 3rd Row: Lamart Buggage, Emily Ruli, Stuart Marshall, Logan Rogers, Jonathan Hansen, Alex Jarrell, Sydney Cooper, Emily Yalcin, Peyton Cherry

1st Row: John Frederick Escher, Amelie Sojka, Brett Oubre, Jennifer Jones, Camden Cummings, Samantha Jaeger, Sophia Ruffino, Samuel Ruffino, Chloe Agena, Lucy Cullen, Patrick Cullen, Charles Escher 2nd Row: Alexandra Jaeger, Kate Gauthreaux, Sarah Hossain, Liam McCauley, James Plaisance, Seth Sanders, Chloe Agena, Sameen Hossain, Michael Silvestri, Wyatt Imes, Gabrielle Vaughn, Sarah Clifton, Emily White 3rd Row: Michelle Smith, Brian Forrest, III, Cindy Van Duyne, Daniel Bailey 4th Row: Gabriele Sudmann, Jakob Sudmann, Braden Gautreau, William Rotondo-McCord, Grace Dumdaw, Shay Dennie, Elizabeth Fontenot, Landon Chambliss, William Dunford, Brianna Oubre

1st Row: Evelyn Ory, Julian Shales, Joel Rodriguez, Chauncey Aubert, Emin Erentok, Ata-Han Erentok, Aydan Lemonier, Aubrey Lemonier, Gracie Rodriguez, Tanner Tharp, Noah Strickland 2nd Row: Michael Austin Verges, Alexandra Slaughter, Melissa Moore, Brooke Williams, Caitlyn Dupont, Rebekah Russell, Delaney Bright, Isabel Rodriguez, Camille Talbot, Gabrielle Carmeli, Sophia Worsham, Katy Aranda 3rd Row: Seth Mixon, Michael Russell, Liz Moore, Abbey Aldridge 4th Row: Beck Tabor, Angelina Mesa, Gabriel Bordelon, Dusty Kirkland, Ashleigh Stoltz, Cameron Ellis, Jamie Planchard, Savannah Katz, Haleigh Bishop, Madeline Moore

Congratulations to our 2014 Spring Recital Participants at the River Ridge School of Music & Dance!

On Saturday June 21, students of the River Ridge School of Music & Dance presented four Spring Concerts at St. Martin’s Solomon Theatre in Metairie, LA. Below are this year’s students performers and award winners!

1st Row: Ryleigh Beck, William Fowler, Scarlett-Belle Haines, Vanessa Mukete, Kylie Wright, Malobi Maidoh, Kamiya Collins, Ellinoar Brown, Audrey Johnson, Cecilia Vu, Jethro Jocom, Dilara Gurbuz 2nd Row: Zachary Dibenedetto, Olivia Myer, Brooks Garcia, Kate Burnett, Liz Iglesias, Matthew Baffes, Sophia Cornibe, Olivia Kelly, Isaack Guerra, Adeoluwa Fadesere, Lathaniel Green, Cristian Apostolakis, Haven Fortenberry, Jessie Jocom, Kim Adams, Sarah Couillard, Spencer Lanosga, Skylar Schaub 3rd Row: Stella Guidry, Swathi Katakam, Caleb Brown, Olivia Guerra, Abby Webb, Madison Graf, Lorissa Gallardo, Wesley Hodgson, Amari Hurst

1st Row: Alexandra Mercadel, MJ Thomas, William Thomas, Katya Dunn, Xander Childs, Sophia Almerico, Lily Pryor, Brianna Burey, David Machado, Mina Prudhomme, Elle Thomas, Liam Taylor 2nd Row: Gracie Silva, Luke Taylor, Sam Dinshaw, Andrew Frey, Ana Marie Montes, Sireen Moiz, Rayna Moiz, Quinn Rosenstein, Scout Hughes, Sanjana Subramaniam, Madelyn Hill, Jon Michael Tullier, Allison Tullier, Brandon Goff 3rd Row: Karen Antunez, Craig Williams, Nicholas Byland, Isabella Hawley, Shelby Scuderi, Aishwarya Natarhan, Shelby Baham, Victoria Manguno, Adrian Prudhomme

1st Row (Sitting/floor): Roger Miranda, Sophie Ramirez, Araceli Bencomo, Lauren Bishop, Frances Maia Bade, Penny Werner 2nd Row (Sitting): Benjamin Hernandez, Lillian Cruz, Elizabeth Eshleman, Kiara Lanza, Camryn Adair, Taylar McCormick, Kalia Jones, Payton Smiley, Payge Smiley, Nevaeh Dupre, Laney Hebert 3rd Row: Kaylie Nguyen, Chance Miller, Amelie Bent, Ava Schnauder, Fraelle Bade, Gabby Rubin, Alexandra Saavedra, Tori Patania, Ro’Ziah Scott-Bates, Miranda Bishop, Vito Eshleman, Ella Bertucci, Christen Burse, Brittany Patterson, J. R. Robinson 4th Row: Tammy White, Zachary Davis, Katherine Corcoran, Isabella Moriano, Anna Grilletta, Andrew Cheung, Zelvin Collins, Chanel Cheung, Haley Hickman, Braden Bent

Row 1: (Sitting/floor): Emma Rogers, Jade Young, Adia Young, Logan Roddy Row 2 (Sitting): Gavin Landry, Sophia Rive, Anthony Lam, Henry France, Lily Stricker, Kody Nguy, Grant Smith, Frankie Massicot, Raegan Harmann, Kacey Cognevich, Sarah Anderson, Chloe Liu Row 3: Nikki Thorne, Tamar Hankton, Karli Williams, Mary Bolner, Jace Concepcion, Brandon Vo, Brett Steele, Oliver Sobrino, Lilli Johnson, Annie Feng Row 4: Meredith Paisant, Patrick Lyell, Danielle Wick, Daniel Mahne, Sage McGee, Jennifer Guzzardi, Dylan Vo, Cameron Vo

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Important Dates

August 1 - All Campuses
Fall Registration Opens for the General Public
August 28
Faculty/Staff Workshop in LAAPA Performance Hall (All classes will be held as scheduled)

Is Your Teacher Completely Booked?

As the Fall approaches, many of our teachers are already nearly or totally booked! Due to demand however, we have opened several new music and dance classes. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day, or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list.
Here’s just a partial list of who’s currently full at all campuses:


Maggie: FRI, 1 spot!
Kathleen: TU & WED, 1 spot!
Bonnie: MON & TH, 1 spot! WED & SAT-BOOKED!
Jennifer: MON-BOOKED!
Russell: MON,TU,WED-1 spot! TH-BOOKED!
Mirka: TU-2 spots!
Rebecca: MON & TU-1 spot! TH & FRI-BOOKED!
Carolyn: TU-1 spot! MON,WED,FRI-BOOKED!
Daniel: TH-2 spots! TU & WED, 1 spot!
Bethany: TU,WED,TH-1 spot! SAT-BOOKED!
Joy: MON-1 spot!
Yulene: SAT-2 spots!
Jessica: TU & WED, 1 spot!


Aaron: WED, 2 spots! TU, 1 spot! MON-BOOKED!
Bill: WED-1 spot! SAT-BOOKED!
Curtis: MON, TH, FRI-1 spot!
Josh: SAT-1 spot! TU,WED,TH-BOOKED!
Ben: WED & TH, 1 spot! MON,TU,FRI, SAT-BOOKED!


Gabriel: MON 1 spot!
Simona: TH & SAT-BOOKED!
Denise: MON, 2 spots! TU, 1 spot! WED-BOOKED!
Vanya: MON 1 spot!


Marius: TU, FRI - 1 spot!

A HUGE welcome to all our our new students who began lessons this July!

We are so happy that you’ve chosen to study at LAAPA. 
We know you will do great things this year!

Aaralyn W.
Abby W.
Adrian R.
(thanks Cecelia V.)
Adyson C.
Alex M.
Alexander H.
Amanda S.
Amaris Raquel O.
Andrew D.
Anisha M.
Brad M.
Brooklyn D.
Callan D.
Chase D.
Clark L.
Connor D.
Connor C.
Cullen W.
Edgar M.
Elizabeth P.
Emersyn C.
Grace S.
Grace T.
Gracyn D.
Jack B.
Jaden L.
Jasmine H.
Joshua M.
Kailey C.
Katelyn W.
Katherine V.
Katie S.
Kelly S.
Linley L.
Luis S.
Madison M.
Maria O.
Matthew F.
Max G.
Murphy C.
Natalia M.
Natalie R.
Raeann B.
Rosie N.
Ro’ziah Bates-S.
Samantha R.
Tammy R.
Victoria T.
Victoria H.

Northshore Jazz Ensemble - Now Recruiting for the New School Year

Come and bebop with the best! The Northshore Jazz Ensemble is a small group made up of top students at LAAPA. It meets every Thursday from 6:30-7:30 PM at the Mandeville School of Music and is directed by Academy Director, Ryan Cullen. The group focuses on standard and modern jazz repertoire with an additional heavy focus on producing original material. The band will be extremely busy this year with a new CD/video project scheduled, Mardi Gras gigs, at least one or two private gigs, and of course 3 recitals. The band is currently auditioning for piano, bass guitar, and vocalists who also write lyrics. For more information, please call the school office and ask to speak with Mr. Cullen.

Give Your Teacher a “Shout-Out!”

Attention Students and Parents! Back by popular demand will be our “Shout-Out” section of LAAPANOTES! We’ll be publishing student shout-outs to their teachers once again starting in our September Edition of LAAPANOTES. E-mail us your notes ( for your instructor and we’ll be sure to share them in our upcoming newsletters.