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April 2015 Newsletter

Articles include, "Spring Concerts & Awards Ceremonies are Coming!", Student & Faculty News, Summer Music & Dance Camps are Coming!, Student of the Month - Lamart Buggage, Faculty & Honors Concert, Student Shout-Outs, and more!"...

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Spring Concerts & Awards Ceremonies are Coming!

New Orleans, Metairie, Mandeville Piano and Guitar Lessons
It’s time to begin preparing for our Spring Concerts! Our Spring Concerts and Awards Ceremonies will be held Saturday June 13 at Fuhrmann Auditorium, 317 N. Jefferson St. in Covington for the Covington and Mandeville campuses and Saturday, June 20, 2015 at St. Martin’s Solomon Theatre 5309 Airline Dr. in Metairie for the River Ridge campus. Please keep the entire day open as we will have multiple concerts from 9 AM through 8 PM and we will not have your recital time info until very close to the recital day.

All students are asked to complete and return the participation form available via the link below by 5/4/2015.


- All music students will be assigned one solo and may additionally participate in a duet or compose an original piece.
- All instrumental and vocal students (voice, guitar, strings, wind, brass, etc.) will require accompanists. The accompanist fee is $30 and will provide students with 3 mini-rehearsals with the accompanist (or their instructor within the lesson) in addition to the performance on the day of the concert.
- Mandatory rehearsals for music students provide the student with additional coaching from the Academy Faculty and will be held Saturdays at all campuses between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM on May 23, May 30, and June 6. Students must attend 2 of the 3 rehearsals. A more detailed schedule is forthcoming.
- All dance students that are not performing in the concert must inform the teacher immediately as an exact count of students performing will be necessary for the choreography.
- All dance students will purchase costumes through the school once they are assigned. Their teacher will assign costumes at least 1 month before the concert. Cash or check is preferred. All dance students must attend all lessons from now until the concert. If students miss more than two lessons from now until the concert they will not be able to perform. Rehearsal for dance students will be held the week before the recital. Dance students should come in full costume the week of June 15 for dress rehearsal held at The River Ridge School of Music and Dance. Finally, all dance students should arrive at Solomon Theatre 30 min prior to their performance time to allow for stage blocking.
Many trophies will be awarded at each program. Ask your individual instructor about our categories and how trophies are earned. Trophies and other awards will be awarded based on students’ weekly performance and effort at lessons with the exception of the Original Composition trophy and LAAPAFEST awards. Recital Tickets for General Admission may be pre-ordered for $7.00 ea. when signing up online or at the Front Desk. After May 4, tickets will be available for $10.00 ea. at the Front Desk or at the door the day of the Concert. Two complimentary recital tickets (per family) are available for students and/or parents to pick up at the Front Desk.
I look forward to seeing everyone this June at our main event of the year!
Ryan Cullen, Academy Director

Summer Music & Dance Camps are Coming!

Our Summer Music Camps and Summer Dance Camps provide all campers (ages 5-16, beginning, intermediate, and advanced) with the opportunity to have fun exploring up to five of our instrumental, vocal, and performing arts programs. Campers (even those with little or no music or performing arts background) are able to take a hands on approach and see what programs and instruments interest them!

Perhaps your child has shown an interest in music, dance, piano, singing, guitar, violin, drums (just to name a few!)? Wherever his/her interest lies, we are happy to provide a formal introduction to the programs of your choice in a structured and fun environment!

Very Limited Space - only 25 campers enrolled each week.

For more information or to enroll, visit laapa.com/camp or call the

Student & Faculty News

River Ridge School of Music & Dance student, Akshita Sridhar has been busy. Last November she performed at Carnegie Hall and this past February she received a Superior rating in Primary Class I for her violin solo at The Gold Cup Festival held at Southeastern LA University.

Taylor Sims, a long time student of Kathleen Anderson at the Covington School of Music, has been cast in the lead role in Cinderella at SSA!

River Ridge School of Music & Dance student, Gracie Silva, auditioned and received a role in the ensemble as a “neighborhood kid,” with JPAS’s production of “Captain Louie, Jr.” She takes voice lessons with Meghan Stewart and Jessica Martin.

Mandeville School of Music student, Sarah Hossain, received a Superior rating in Primary Class II for her violin solo at The Gold Cup Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University in February. Sarah is a student of Ms. Vanya Karachobanova. She is pictured with Ms. Vanya.

Congratulations to voice/piano Faculty member, Joy Meade and family who welcomed baby Felicity Anne into the world on February 23. Everyone is doing well!

We love getting your news, success stories and comments. If you'd like to share your news with us, please e-mail studentnews@laapa.com. Please note that we are now publishing our newsletters monthly, and if you don't see your submission in this edition, it will be published as soon as space is available! Connect with us on Facebook at facebook.com/laapaface, youtube.com/laapatube, and now on Twitter at @laapatweets.

Student of the Month - Lamart Buggage

Covington School of Music student, Lamart Buggage, takes piano lessons at LAAPA. We recently had a chance to speak with him and learn a little more about his lessons and interests!

Tell us about yourself and how long you’ve been taking classes at LAAPA.

I’ve been taking piano lessons with Carolyn Russell for about a year and half now.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

All kinds! I was in Marching band, a Concert band and Jazz Band.

What do you enjoy most about coming to lessons each week?

Learning new songs and playing songs that I am familiar with.

What are your other interests and hobbies?

Boating, gardening, and driving.

What has your experience been at LAAPA?

I knew LAAPA was a good school because I had done some prior research.

Happy April Birthdays!

We'd like to wish the following Students, Faculty, and Staff a very Happy Birthday this Month!

(Students) Addyson B. (8), Alexander N., Alexandra V. (14), Amari H. (13), Andrew R., Ariana S. (6), Brianna O. (16), Brynn L. (7), Cade C. (8), Cameron C. (16), Camryn A. (7), Caroline D. (17), Charles E. (9), Chloe P. (8), Cindy VD., Elizabeth F. (13), Elizabeth D. (17), Ella U. (16), Ellyse P. (7), Emily S. (8), Emma F. (12), Emma P. (11), Eric D. (4), Garrett D. (14), Gene G., Grace D. (13), Grace S. (16), Gracie R. (9), Grant H. (14), Hannah L. (14), Hunter L. (15), Jackson S. (12), Jacqueline F. (9), Jakob S. (15), Jayden A. (14), Joseph G. (10), Kaitlyn G. (7), Kaitlyn W. (16),
Kendall V. (15), Lance C. (4), Landyn H. (7), Liam D. (7), Lilah F. (7), Marco V. (11), Marianna C. (5), Medha D. (12), Meg G. (4), Michael H., Monica C., Nathan O. (8), Nicholas B. (15), Nicolette B. (12), Niki G., Olivia K. (10), Preston C. (5), Quintin C. (7), Remi B. (13), Robert C. (7),Roger M. (7), Rohan C. (5), Ro’ziah B.S. (9), Sahithi K. (9), Sam D. (9), Skylar S. (10), Will F. (10)

(Faculty & Staff) Bethany Byrom, Kellie Lauricella

Important Dates:

April 3-9 - Easter/Spring Break
April 26 - Faculty/Honors Concert 2 PM at Fuhrmann Auditorium
May 23 - Spring Recital Rehearsal #1

Is Your Teacher Completely Booked? Teachers with Waiting Lists.

With over 1,100 students enrolled at LAAPA, our openings remain very limited, but there are still lesson spots available for April and/or May, so just give us a call to check. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day, or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list.
Here’s just a partial list of who’s currently full at all campuses:
Chris MON-2 spots!
Ben SAT-2 spots! MON-1 spot! MON,TU,WED,TH,FRI-BOOKED!
Kirk TU-2 spots! MON-BOOKED!
Aaron WED -2 spots! TH-1 spot! TU-BOOKED!
Danielle TU-BOOKED!
Reid MON-2 spots! WED,TH-BOOKED!
Russell MON,TU-2 spots! WED,TH-BOOKED!
Mirka TU-2 spots!
Daniel FRI-1 spot! WED, TH-BOOKED!
Bonnie SAT-1 spot! MON,WED,TH-BOOKED!
Rebecca TU-1 spot! MON,WED,TH,FRI-BOOKED!
Jennifer MON-1 spot!
Joy MON,WED-1 spot!
Yulene SAT-2 spots!
Jacob SAT-2 spots!
Katherine TH-BOOKED! SAT-2 spots!
Gabriel MON-1 spot!
Kate MON-1 spot!
Simona MON,WED,TH-2 spots! SAT-1 spot!
Lee FRI 2 spots! TH-2 spots!
Danielle TU-BOOKED!

A HUGE welcome to our new students who began lessons or added programs in March!

We are so happy that you’ve chosen to study at LAAPA.  
We know you will do great things this year!

Abby N.
Amanda R.
Ananya K-R.
Andrea S.
Autumn P.
Ava L.
Berklee Z.
Blair F.
Brittan d.B.
Brycen L.
Caleigh M.
(thanks to Madeyn M.)
Camden C.
Cameron A.
(thanks to Grace A.)
Cameron R.
Candace M.
Carrie St. M.
Charlotte S.
Claudia D.
Dara D.
Davis C.
(thanks to Cole C.)
Diego D.
Edir G.
(thanks to David M.)
Erin G.
Ethan R.
Frank L.
Gia B.
Grace H.
Hailey C.
Hayden M.
(thanks to Patrick F.)
Hayes H.
Isabel M.
Ivan Y.
Jadyn T.
Jakob B.
Jaydn F.
Jaylynn D.
Jaymond H.
John B.
Joseph W.
Joshua C.
Joy A.
(thanks to Carolyn R.)
Kendrick R.
Kimea C.
Landyn H.
Liam S.
Lillian B.
(thanks to Gabby B.)
Lincoln T.
London D.
Max G.
Meghan S.
Meridith B.
Mischa B.
(thanks to Alex V.)
Naomi S.
Noah S.
Patrick D.
(thanks to Wyatt I.)
Reese A.
Riley V.
Sage H.
(thanks to Carlie D.)
Sayori G.
Scarlett T.
Shaylen T.
Vitoria L.
(thanks to Sarah M.)
Yousef F.
Zachary M.
Zoe L.

Student “Shout-Outs!”

“Katarina is the best teacher ever, best person ever, most enriching person I have ever met. She makes my life exciting. I don’t think I would be as far as I am with my music if it was not for her fabulous skills and her fantastic personality. She is truly a beautiful person... intelligence..beauty..talent.......on and on...Thank you Katarina”

Cameron Ellis and family