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February 2015 Newsletter

Articles include, "Will You Be Participating in LAAPAFEST?", Student News, Student of the Month - Kaylie Nguyen, New Covington School of Music, Student Shout-Outs, and more!"...

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Will You Be Participating in LAAPAFEST?

New Orleans, Metairie, Mandeville Piano and Guitar Lessons

Dear Parents and Students,

It’s hard to believe that LAAPAFEST is once again nearly here! So what is LAAPAFEST anyway?

LAAPAFEST is a unique opportunity for all music students who have been studying their instrument for at least one year (whether at LAAPA or elsewhere) to perform a memorized solo for a panel of three insightful and friendly judges. Students then receive an overall rating as well as detailed written, constructive feedback on their performance (within a variety of categories) which will then be passed along to their private instructor(s).
The overall goal of LAAPAFEST works in tandem with our mission here at LAAPA of instilling a lifetime appreciation of the performing arts within each student while continually building self-esteem. Students do not compete with other students for their overall rating and are rated solely on their individual performances and at their individual levels. Beginning (1 year) students are most welcome to participate in LAAPAFEST and, in fact, are encouraged!
Immediately following the third and final week of LAAPAFEST on March 28, the judges are asked to select 25-30 students who have received the highest overall ratings to join our Faculty in
performing at our Faculty and Honors Recital on April 26. Students will be selected per school campus based on their instrument/program as well as their rating. We wish to provide a concert equally represented with students of all instruments/programs. There are very limited spots in the Honors recital and the selection process is always a very challenging one for the judges! Not being selected for the Honors concert, in other words, certainly does not detract from the outstanding achievement of a Superior or Excellent rating!
LAAPAFEST participation is an outstanding event in and of itself that produces Honors reflected in the outcome of student ratings. It is important to note that the majority of our students participating in LAAPAFEST typically earn either Excellent and/or Superior overall ratings at LAAPAFEST (because they are so well prepared)! The focus of LAAPAFEST is on the individual student, their performance at LAAPAFEST, and their individual rating at LAAPAFEST. At all Spring Concerts in June, LAAPAFEST students will be recognized for their participation and rewarded for Excellent and Superior ratings. For more information on LAAPFEST, please speak with your private instructor ASAP.
You may sign-up online for LAAPAFEST at http://www.laapa.com/laapafest.
It is also important to note that each year we do have to turn students away from LAAPAFEST due to the limited number of slots available - our judges are usually listening to music non-stop from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (with only a lunch break), so we encourage all interested students to turn in paperwork well ahead of the Febrary 23 official enrollment deadline. Good luck at LAAPAFEST everyone!
Ryan Cullen, Academy Director

Covington School of Music Has Moved!

Attention Covington School of Music students, parents, faculty, and staff:

It is now official! As of February 2, our Covington School of Music will no longer be holding lessons at 857 N. Collins Blvd.

We have moved to 1111 Village Walk in the same shopping center as Megumi Sushi and Anytime Fitness!

We know that you will all enjoy the new features of the new location including better parking, a more spacious waiting area, better sound proofing, a larger preschool music classroom, and more.

Thanks to everyone who has helped the Covington School of Music grow and move to our new facility!

Student News

Mandeville School of Music Student, Ariel Hill auditioned for and performed with The Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker on Saturday December 27 2014 at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans. She is a student in the piano and voice programs at LAAPA.

Covington School of Music student, Mariah Marin is singing in her school play, “Bye Bye Birdie.” She is playing the role of a parent and singing “Kids”. She is a student of Kathleen Anderson.

River Ridge School of Music & Dance student, Lathaniel Green, won 1st place for voice and 1st place for piano at the Mid-South Regional Convention. Lathaniel takes piano lessons with Ms. Bethany Byrom at LAAPA.

We love getting your news, success stories and comments. If you'd like to share your news with us, please e-mail studentnews@laapa.com. Please note that we are now publishing our newsletters monthly, and if you don't see your submission in this edition, it will be published as soon as space is available! Connect with us on Facebook at facebook.com/laapaface, youtube.com/laapatube, and now on Twitter at @laapatweets.

Student of the Month - Kaylie Nguyen

River Ridge School of Music & Dance student, Kaylie Nguyen takes piano and voice lessons as well as ballet classes at LAAPA. We recently had a chance to speak with her and learn a little more about her lessons and interests!

Tell us about yourself and how long you’ve been taking classes at LAAPA.

I am 10 years old. I play the piano and recently started singing lessons. I also take ballet lessons. I have been at LAAPA for almost a year. I took lessons elsewhere but started at River Ridge when we moved to Harahan.

How and why did you get started in music lessons?

Kaylie expressed an interest in music and dance lessons so we registered her at LAAPA. After only a few months we decided to enroll her in singing lessons.

What do you enjoy most about coming to lessons each week?

I enjoy playing the piano and learning to sing. I look forward each week to learning new things on the piano. I also love learning all the movements and positions in ballet.

What are your other interests and hobbies?

I like to read fantasy and adventure books. I also like to swim when it’s not cold. I enjoy coming up with my own tunes when I play my piano at home and look forward to pursuing that with Ms. Meghan.

What has your experience been at LAAPA?

My teachers are very nice and have helped me learn a lot about music and dance.

Happy February Birthdays!

We'd like to wish the following Students, Faculty, and Staff a very Happy Birthday this Month!

(Students) Amber M. (16), Andres L. (14), Andrew G. (7), Aniah R. (5), Arabella G. (3), Ashley E. (7), Audria K. (7), Ayva S. (9), Barron J. (12), Brooke B. (7), Bryce D. (10), Caden B. (5), Catherine P. (10), Chasity D., Clara W. (2), David M.,Elizabeth P. (13), Ella G. (6), Emma H., Everett C., Gavin L. (12), Georgianna M., Gwen R., Hannah A. (8), Holly S. (12), Ian P. (6), James F. (8), John E. (11), Jonathan P. (3), Jose M. (8), Joseph Z., Josiah S. (6), Kalia J. (6), Katya D. (6), Ken M., Kenny G., Kody N. (11), Lauren B. (9), Lila H. (6), Liz I. (13), Londyn D. (3), Madison M. (5), Maurice C. (17), Melissa M. (13), Michael P. (10), Michael B. (12), Michael M. (12), Miranda B. (8), Nicholas Y. (8), Olivia B. (8), Patrick L. (14), Peggy R. (4), Peyton S. (14), Randy H. (14), Rita G. (13), Savannah K. (16), Seth M. (5), Seth M. (16), Shane B. (7), Shelby B. (17), Sophia C. (12), Stiles W. (5), Sydney S. (12), Troy B., Veronica J. (16), Wanda B., William F. (7), Zoe C. (4)

(Faculty & Staff) Jacob Mathew, Autumn Beck, Reid Poole, Danielle Ryce, John Russell Tucker, Dr. Lee Coker

Important Dates:

February 16-20 - Mardi Gras Holidays
February 23 - Registration Deadline for LAAPAFEST
March 14-28 - LAAPAFEST

Is Your Teacher Completely Booked? Teachers with Waiting Lists.

With over 1,100 students enrolled at LAAPA, our openings remain very limited, but there are still lesson spots available for February and/or March, so just give us a call to check. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day, or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list.
Here’s just a partial list of who’s currently full at all campuses:
Curtis WED,FRI-1 spot! MON,TH-BOOKED!
Jason MON-1 spot!
Kirk TU-2 spots! MON-BOOKED!
Aaron WED& TH-2 spots! TU-BOOKED!
Bill TU-1 spot! TH-2 spots! MON,FRI,SAT-BOOKED!
Danielle TU-2 spots!
Reid MON-1 spot! WED,TH-BOOKED!
Layla TU-1 spot! FRI- 2 spots!
Russell TU-2 spots! MON,WED,TH-BOOKED!
Mirka TU-2 spots!
Daniel FRI-1 spot! WED, TH-BOOKED!
Jennifer MON-BOOKED!
Kathleen WED-1 spot! TU-BOOKED!
Joy WED-1 spot! MON-BOOKED!
Yulene SAT-2 spots!
Jessica TU,2 spots! WED-1 spot!
Jacob SAT-2 spots!
Maggie FRI-2 spots!
Katherine TH-NEW SCHEDULE! SAT-2 spots!
Vanya MON,SAT-1 spot! WED-BOOKED!
Gabriel MON-1 spot!
Kate MON-1 spot!
Simona MON,WED,TH-2 spots! SAT-1 spot!

A HUGE welcome to our 130 + students who began lessons or added programs in January!

We are so happy that you’ve chosen to study at LAAPA.  
We know you will do great things this year!
Abby P.
Abby R.
Adam C.
Addison R.
Akshara M.
Alaina G.
Alison C.
(thanks Veronica Jimenez)
Allie J.
Allie A.
Alyssa S.
(thanks Katherine Corcoran)
Amelie G.
Andrea B.
Andres L.
(thanks John Clark)
Anna Kate B.
Annie L.
Ariana S.
Arjun M.
Ashlan L.
Ava R.
Baron G.
Barron J.
(thanks Jarrell Family)
Benjamin S.
Brendon S.
Brooks B.
Caitlen M.
Callan D.
Camille V.
Carlie D.
Cataleya P.
Charlie H.
Chris M.
Christian C.
Christopher J.
(thanks Brianna Jeansonne)
Chuck C.
CoCo B.
Cohen C.
Colette B.
(thanks Joshua P. & Emily S.)
Dara D.
Dario S.
Delaney B.
Derwin D.
Dominic G.
Drew B.
Ella G.
Ellyse P.
Emily L.
Emily B.
Emry E.
Erin S.
Evelyn S.
Finn Y.
Frank L.
Gabriela D.
Gavin G.
Gene G.
Georgianna M.
Greyson C.
Heather T.
Helen S.
Holly S.
Hope G.
Isha S.
Jack G.
Jack V.
Jack L.
Jack H.
Jackson S.
(thanks Madison Livaccari)
Jackson C.
Jacob J.
James L.
Jonathan P.
Jordan B.
Joseph Z.
Justin B.
Katherine A.
Kendall V.
Kristen Z.
(thanks Gracie S.)
Lainee B.
Lance C.
Landon B.
Lea G.
Lily F.
Louis T.
Lynne D.
Margaux K.
(thanks Amelie Sojka)
Mary D.
(thanks Michon Music)
Mary Kate O.
(thanks Laura Chapman)
Memphis James O.
Michael B.
Mike E.
Mindy T.
Mischa B.
(thanks Alex Vallieu)
Naomi S.
Nenitha T.
(thanks Aishwarya Natarajan)
Nicholas H.
(thanks Victoria Hernandez)
Nicolette B.
Noah C.
Noah S.
Nora Abi R.
Peyton S.
Porsha D.
Quintin C.
(thanks Zelvin Collins)
Rakshitha R.
(thanks Aishwarya Natarajan)
Ray’Chanell L.
Rishab P.
Rohan C.
Rosanna L.
Sable M.
Seniyah W.
Shane B.
Sincere S.
Sophia S.
Sophia M.
Starr M.
Stephanie B.
(thanks Jason Pounds)
Stiles W.
Tammy T.
Taylor C.
Taylor S.
Thanvi S.
(thanks Aishwarya Natarajan)
Trey C.
Tyronne J.
Victoria G.
(thanks Seth Grieco)
Victoria P.
(thanks Amanda Belk)
William A.
Wyatt G.
Zachary M.
Zoe C.
Zubin D.
(thanks Sam Dinshaw)

Student “Shout-Outs!”

"Lessons are going very well, only 3 lessons in and Cody has learned a good bit. 
We are VERY happy. Thank you for taking the time to check in. It speaks volumes!!"

~ Stacy Cook

"Our experience at River Ridge School of Music & Dance has been fantastic. The instructors are amazing, talented and relate well to kids. The school is well run. Music lessons are a highlight of our week!"

Anya Lincoln-Dunn