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March 2015 Newsletter

Articles include, "Building Your Repertoire the Right Way!", Student News, Summer Music & Dance Camps are Coming!, Student of the Month - Christopher Koehl, Vocal Health Class, Student Shout-Outs, and more!"...

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Building Your Repertoire the Right Way!

New Orleans, Metairie, Mandeville Piano and Guitar Lessons
Well it’s March here at LAAPA! Students are diligently putting the final touches on their pieces for
LAAPAFEST. Others are starting to think about what they’ll be performing for our Spring Recital (coming up this June)!

With all of this hard work going on, let’s for a moment pretend LAAPAFEST and Spring Recitals are over now. You’ve done it, your dance choreography for the recital was impeccable or your harmonica improv over the 12 bar blues was second to none. You’ve mastered your dance routines and musical compositions. Now what happens to them?

You say, “I’m ready for something new and exciting of course!” Well sure you are, and so are your teachers (and probably the staff), but what will happen to the old material you just finished?
As you are progressing in your music and dance studies, you’ll continue to learn a variety of pieces and routines. Once you have mastered a piece or a routine, it’s easy to write it off and never want to play or dance to it again because you put in so much time and energy that you’re sick of it altogether!
This is completely natural and understandable, but as musicians and dancers, you are continually building your repertoire! Repertoire is made up of new and old pieces. As you continue learning, you will eventually have a plethora of material at your fingertips (and feet) when it comes time to perform for yourself or the general public.
So, here are “Three Ways to Keep Your Old Pieces and Routines Sharp without Hating Them!”
1.) Take a break! Take a rest from the old songs and routines until the thought of performing them again doesn’t make you want to set the piano or dance floor on fire. Seriously, you do need a break for a while.
2.) Avoid “switch tasking” when reviewing old material. Once you have taken the required break and are working on new material, avoid randomly inserting sections of the old material just for mental relief from your new song or dance. This is called “switch tasking” sometimes falsely referred to as “multi-tasking”. Multi-tasking is a myth. We can really only focus our attention to one thing at a time; constantly switching back and forth between different tasks (whether music, dance, or work) is an extremely inefficient use of your time and energy.
As a piano teacher, I’ve often had students who are working on a new piece suddenly stop and just play a part of their old piece really fast with sloppy technique and absolutely no musicianship just because they needed a quick mental break from the challenges of the new material. Understandable. However, this is very likely to introduce errors into a once highly polished piece! Instead of this type of mental break, I always encourage some free improvisation so that students can play however they feel! Designate a time for reviewing old material.
3.) Schedule private performances at home! My kids love playing recital at home and going up several times and playing something different each time. By doing this, they are reviewing their old and new pieces in a fun and productive way.
So keep up the great work building your repertoire and good luck to everyone at LAAPAFEST this month!
Ryan Cullen, Academy Director

Summer Music & Dance Camps are Coming!

Our Summer Music Camps and Summer Dance Camps provide all campers (ages 5-16, beginning, intermediate, and advanced) with the opportunity to have fun exploring up to five of our instrumental, vocal, and performing arts programs. Campers (even those with little or no music or performing arts background) are able to take a hands on approach and see what programs and instruments interest them!

Perhaps your child has shown an interest in music, dance, piano, singing, guitar, violin, drums (just to name a few!)? Wherever his/her interest lies, we are happy to provide a formal introduction to the programs of your choice in a structured and fun environment!

Very Limited Space - only 25 campers enrolled each week.

For more information or to enroll, visit laapa.com/camp or call the

Student News

Mandeville School of Music Students, Addie Chappuis and Olivia Hesson have both been cast in “Annie” at Lake Castle school in Slidell. Addie will be playing “Grace Farrell” and Olivia will be playing “July.”

Mandeville School of Music student Olivia Apatini recently performed in “How to Eat Like a Child” at Tchefuncte Middle School.

River Ridge School of Music & Dance student, Brian Fink, performed a solo at the Holy Cross School Christmas Concert, the Festival of Lessons and Carols.

Mandeville School of Music Student, Gracyn Dunavant, will be performing in “Bye Bye Birdie” at Cedarwood.

Mandeville School of Music student Liam McCauley was selected as the guitarist for the St. Tammany Parish District Junior High Honor Jazz Band. Also, Liam was recently selected to play sax for the St. Tammany Parish Junior High Honor band. He was one of only 4 saxophone players selected. Also, his fellow Rock Pop class member William Rotondo-McCord was selected to play bass for the St. Tammany Parish District Junior High Honor Jazz Band. Liam and William will get to shine their talents together on a different stage.

We love getting your news, success stories and comments. If you'd like to share your news with us, please e-mail studentnews@laapa.com. Please note that we are now publishing our newsletters monthly, and if you don't see your submission in this edition, it will be published as soon as space is available! Connect with us on Facebook at facebook.com/laapaface, youtube.com/laapatube, and now on Twitter at @laapatweets.

Student of the Month - Christopher Koehl

Covington School of Music student, Christopher Koehl, takes bass guitar lessons at LAAPA. We recently had a chance to speak with him and learn a little more about his lessons and interests!

Tell us about yourself and how long you’ve been taking classes at LAAPA.

I am 19 year old. I play the bass guitar. I started taking lessons at LAAPA November, 2009. I tried learning the piano and trumpet at an earlier age but found the bass guitar to be my instrument of choice.

How and why did you get started in music lessons?

I had a friend who played the guitar. This got me interested in the learning to play the bass. The indirect competition gave me the drive to learn to play.

What do you enjoy most about coming to lessons each week?

The lessons give me something to look forward to. It’s the high point of my week. I enjoy the progression I’ve made through my lessons and the challenges it offers.

What are your other interests and hobbies?

I enjoy reading very much. I also like watching documentaries on the History channel, all except Ancient Aliens.

What has your experience been at LAAPA?

It’s been a good experience. The school and lessons have kept me engaged in the bass guitar. It’s never dull. I think the school is a relaxing and uplifting environment that doesn’t constrain my thoughts.

Happy March Birthdays!

We'd like to wish the following Students, Faculty, and Staff a very Happy Birthday this Month!

(Students) Abby R. (11), Addison R. (11), Adeoluwa F. (8), Aishwarya N. (16), Alexis P. (7), Allie-Grace G. (7), Alyssa S., Amelie G. (10), Amelie S. (8), Angel H. (13), Angelina M. (13), Anthony H. (8), Ashleigh H. (10), Aubrey W. (7), Ben D. (8), Brandon L. (8), Cadence P. (4), Chloe L. (7), Cindy L., Cooper R. (5), Danielle W. (16), Declan A. (11), Dondria H., Drew B. (9), Elizaveta D. (4), Ella B. (10), Emily S. (13), Fraelle Mhae B. (11), Gabriel M. (9), Grace D. (16), Grant S. (9), Jack V. (17), Jacqueline M. (13), Jessie J. (11), Joe W., Kaden F. (7), Kai L. (6)Kailey C. (11), Karli W. (15), Kelly S. (13), Lainee B. (15), Laney T. (14), Leo F. (9), Lisette G. (10), Liz M., Marissa D. (8), Mary Kate O., Mason U. (2),Matthew B. (17), Michael S. (12), Olivia A. (11), Raegan H. (8), Rakshitha R. (11), Ryleigh B. (7), Sarah M. (14), Sarah C. (13), Seniyah W. (4),Sophia M. (5), Stuart M. (17), Taylor L. (4), Taylor V. (7), Victoria W. (8), William A. (11), William D. (15)

(Faculty & Staff) Christopher Talley, Marie Looney, Shawna Meynard

Important Dates:

March 7 - Vocal Health Class with Carolyn Russell - Covington Campus
March 14 - LAAPAFEST - Covington Campus
March 21 - LAAPAFEST - Mandeville Campus
March 28 - LAAPAFEST - River Ridge Campus

Is Your Teacher Completely Booked? Teachers with Waiting Lists.

With over 1,100 students enrolled at LAAPA, our openings remain very limited, but there are still lesson spots available for March and/or April, so just give us a call to check. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day, or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list.
Here’s just a partial list of who’s currently full at all campuses:
Curtis WED,FRI-1 spot! MON,TH-BOOKED!
Jason MON-1 spot!
Kirk TU-2 spots! MON-BOOKED!
Aaron WED& TH-2 spots! TU-BOOKED!
Bill TU-1 spot! TH-2 spots! MON,FRI,SAT-BOOKED!
Danielle TU-2 spots!
Reid MON-1 spot! WED,TH-BOOKED!
Layla TU-1 spot! FRI- 2 spots!
Russell TU-2 spots! MON,WED,TH-BOOKED!
Mirka TU-2 spots!
Daniel FRI-1 spot! WED, TH-BOOKED!
Jennifer MON-BOOKED!
Kathleen WED-1 spot! TU-BOOKED!
Joy WED-1 spot! MON-BOOKED!
Yulene SAT-2 spots!
Jessica TU,2 spots! WED-1 spot!
Jacob SAT-2 spots!
Maggie FRI-2 spots!
Katherine TH-NEW SCHEDULE! SAT-2 spots!
Vanya MON,SAT-1 spot! WED-BOOKED!
Gabriel MON-1 spot!
Kate MON-1 spot!
Simona MON,WED,TH-2 spots! SAT-1 spot!

A HUGE welcome to our new students who began lessons or added programs in February!

We are so happy that you’ve chosen to study at LAAPA.  
We know you will do great things this year!

Alex G.
Aliaa H.
Alyssa A.
Amanda G.
Anna C.
Annie L.
Anya T.
Arabella G.
(thanks George G.)
Armani G.
Aubrey W.
Avril S.
Catherine-Grace N.
Christian M.
Daniel M.
(thanks Jose M.)
Darion C.
Deejay T.
Desiree W.
Fabiana C.
Grace S.
(thanks Carolyn R.)
Greg D.
Hayden L.
Jackson C.
(thanks Ben H.)
Ja’Cobi H.
James M.
Ja’Mykal H.
Jay’len H-I.
Kaitlann R.
Kamryn R.
Kasey L.
Kate P.
Katelyn P.
Kimea C.
Ladadriel E.
Laney W.
Lauren C.
Lillian B.
(thanks Gabby B.)
Madeline C.
Madison L.
Mason B.
Mason U.
Megan K.
Miya D.
Nicolas N.
Noah J.
Robert B.
Ronelle J.
Samuel R.
Sandi B.
Seth C.
(thanks Christain C.)
Sydni S.
Wanda B.
William B.
Zach L.
Zachariah V.
Zeineldin H.
Zyla B.

Student “Shout-Outs!”

"We love you Ms. Bethany, you’re the best! Thank you for your talent, patience, and encouragement :) "

~ Sofia Croisant and family

"Josiah thinks Ms. Meghan is awesome and she makes music fun. He really enjoys his piano lessons and always looks forward to attending his lessons every Saturday. Thank you so much Ms. Meghan for your professionalism, hard work and dedication.We are very pleased having you as Josiah’s teacher. Ms. Meghan You Rock!!!!!"

Josiah Saravia