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September 2016 Newsletter

Articles include, "When to Get Started in Music Lessons and Dance Classes, Student News, Welcome to Our 117 Newest Students, Happy September Birthdays, Register Now For Fall Music & Dance Classes!, and more!"...

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When to Get Started in Music Lessons and Dance Classes

Dance Classes for kids, teens, and adults and guitar and ukulele lessons for all ages!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Open House this past August! We had a blast meeting everyone and demonstrating our music and dance programs!

During this time of year, one of the questions that we are asked most often is “How do I know when it’s the right time to get started or if music lessons and/or dance classes are going to be a good fit for me or my child?” Having four children ages 5 months, 3, 6, and 9 years, I understand that kids show an interest in many things, and it can sometimes be hard to predict what will stick. What I have personally found is that many times you just don’t know until you try it out! Our children have tried gymnastics, soccer, karate, art, theatre, among other things (in addition to piano and voice lessons).

If you find your children jumping up to the piano to sing and play, leaping all around the house or banging on pots, pans, and other things - you may want to consider exploring those areas a little more! Case in point - our piano sits in the living room right before the hallway to children’s rooms, so they pass by it often. It is very rare for Patrick, my oldest son, to pass by the piano on the way to/from his room without serenading us with a few bars of “Star Wars” or “In the Mood” - two pieces he’s been working on recently. He literally cannot help himself and hasn’t yet fully mastered his dynamic range, so sometimes the walls tend to vibrate a bit and we have found it necessary to impose a piano curfew in the evenings! Lucy loves piano too , but Patrick is a bit of a bench hog so one of the goals this Fall is to negotiate a practice schedule. Anyway, long sidebar there - but that’s how we knew it was time to get them started in piano lessons. I’m sure many of you have similar stories! Would you mind sharing them with us - email studentnews@laapa.com? How did you know it was time to get started in music or dance lessons?

Even when children show an interest in something, on occasion they may find that their new after school activity isn’t exactly what they had in mind when enrolling. With music and dance lessons at Laapa, this is definitely a very rare situation since we have so many different programs offered. If piano lessons don’t work out, the student can easily transfer to guitar or drum lessons, etc. We always want to ensure that both our programs and teachers are the right fit for the goals and personalities of our students which is key to the enjoyment and success of instruction here at the Academy.

We look forward to another great year of music and dance with you!

Ryan Cullen, Academy Director


New Orleans, Metairie, Mandeville Voice Lessons

Can you believe it’s September already!? Have you reserved your music lesson or dance class schedule yet for the Fall?

We offer the most comprehensive selection of programs under one roof including MUSIC LESSONS in piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, guitar, electric guitar, banjo, ukulele, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, french horn, preschool music, theory, composition, jazz band, rock band and DANCE CLASSES in ballet, hip-hop, tap, musical theatre, parent & tot!

We make it easy to get started in lessons - whether you’re a brand new beginner or are picking up lessons again after some time off.

Give us a call today at the school campus nearest you! Covington (985) 590.4545, Mandeville (985) 674.2992, and River Ridge (504) 738.3050 or save time and register online via the red button below!

Sign Up for Fall Classes!

Fall Referral Contest - Here's what we're giving away next!

Do you love your music lessons or dance classes at LAAPA? Tell everyone!

If you refer a new student to the Academy and they enroll:

- You will receive a free lesson in any program.

- You will be automatically entered into our drawing this December 1 for a brand new Jamstick+! Watch the video to see it in action.

Please make sure that your friend mentions your FULL NAME at the time of enrollment. The more friends you refer that enroll - the more chances you have to win!

The winner will be announced at facebook.com/laapaface December 1!

* Immediate family members/members of the same household are not eligible for the referral program.

Thanks to everyone who continually refers the academy - it’s the highest compliment we can receive and truly appreciated!

Student News

Covington School of Music student, Andrew Biggers, is involved in powerlifting and back in April he placed 4th in the national USAPL competition. He also broke the national record for the bench press! This qualified him for the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) competition which he attended this past August in the US Virgin Islands! Andrew takes voice lessons with Ms. Amy.
Brian Fink played the piano at Cafe Istanbul in New Orleans.
Cindy Van Duyne celebrated her third year singing with the Pat Barberot orchestra at the Jefferson Orleans North in Metairie. She continues her work on her solo debut album with world class legendary musicians while still keeping a full schedule singing at the Max, Jefferson Orleans, Mo’s Chalet and Hackey’s in Chicago. Cindy takes voice lessons with Mrs. Carolyn at the Mandeville School of Music.
Mandeville School of Music student, Abbey Aldridge made Zombie Prom put on by Playmakers and will be playing Coco and Ramona. She takes voice lessons with Mrs. Katarina.
Brian Fink played the piano at Cafe Istanbul in New Orleans.
Mandeville School of Music student, Gracyn Dunavant saved up 30 tickets that she earned for receiving 30 Superior ratings in her voice lessons. She takes voice lessons with Ms. Rebecca and used the tickets to receive a LAAPA tote bag!
Brian Fink played the piano at Cafe Istanbul in New Orleans.

We love getting your news, success stories and comments. If you'd like to share your news with us, please e-mail studentnews@laapa.com. Please note that we are now publishing our newsletters monthly, and if you don't see your submission in this edition, it will be published as soon as space is available! Connect with us on Facebook at facebook.com/laapaface, youtube.com/laapatube, and now on Twitter at @laapatweets.

Happy September Birthdays!

We'd like to wish the following Students, Faculty, and Staff a very Happy Birthday this Month!

(Students) Aaron N., Abbey A. (15), Abigail N. (6), Abigail S. (9), Adam C. (13), Aeris B. (4), Aiden T. (10), Alexandra S. (14), Alia E. (6), Alisa T. (10), Alison A. 12), Ally B. (2), Andjelina M. (6), Andrew C. (12), Annabella G. (8), Annie P. (9), Avril S. (9), Barbara L., Brooke W. (13), Caleb H. (10), Cameron E., Carleigh Q. (13), Carolina H. (6), Chloe W. (9), Chloe D. (2), Chloe S. (9), Clark L. (7), Claude S. (10), Collin S. (4), Daisy P. (8), Daniela B., Devin B. (4), Dominic S. (5), Elle G. (7), Emily T. (15), Emma A. (11), Ethan H. (3), Hannah H. (16), Harry F. (16), Hector Z., Helen W., Henry M. (6), Isaiah C. (3), J.R. R., James T. (9), Jeff F., Jonathan H. (16), Jordan C. (12), Joy C. (9), Jude C. (14), Juliet L. (5), Kenzie D. (7), Lathaniel G. Jr. (11), Laurel M., Leighton R. (4), Liam M. (15), Lillian S. (11), Lillian R. (4), Lindsey S. (15), London T. (9), Macie H. (6), Melody M. (12), Neha G. (11), Oliver S., Olivia V. (16), Patrick D. (10), Rachel N. (8), Reysheil G. (7), Richard H. (7), Sarah H. (13), Sarah D. (15), Shriya G. (11), Skye C. (7), Sofia M. (4), Sofia M. (7), Swathi K. (15), Thea R. (9), Trayzi D. (9), Trinity B. (7), Wyatt T. (8), Zachary N. (8), Zubin D. (7)

(Faculty) Rebecca P., Natalie P., Ben H., Josh T., Layla S., Dr. Mark W.

Important Dates:

September 5

Labor Day - Holiday (no classes/office closed)

September 1-30
Fall Registration

Music & Dance Artwork - Now Available Online!

You can now browse and purchase the beautiful Music and Dance artwork of local artist Michaela Howell in the LAAPA Store. Just goto http://store.laapa.com/art/. She is currently offering 10% off, so be sure to take a look soon!
Local artist, Michaela Howell has graciously decorated our schools with her music and dance themed artwork (just one example of which is pictured right). All of these pieces may be purchased for your home or as a gift! Please inquire at the front desk.
With down home country humble beginnings Michaela has always been very resourceful. She cuts, sands, primes, paints, and in some cases stains her abstract versions of the wooden instruments, creating very hands-on works of art. This resourcefulness has “Played” out very nicely in her most current work. Though the recycling of varying musical instrument components including guitar strings, violin knobs, music sheets featuring the instrument showcased, Michaela portrays a ‘current’ sense of style combined with a very vivid color pallet, creating a symphony for the senses!

Students of the Month - Matthew & William Krueger

New Orleans, Metairie, Mandeville Voice Lessons

Mandeville School of Music students, Matthew and William Krueger take voice and drum lessons here at LAAPA! We recently had a chance to speak with them and learn a little more about their lessons and interests!

How long have you been taking lessons with us?
Over two years for both.

What kind of music do you listen to?
We both like Christian music.

What is your favorite part of the lesson each week?
Matthew – “Everything I do.”
William – “I like doing medium rock beat music.”

What do you enjoy practicing each week?
Matthew – “Matching vocal chords with the piano.”
William – “Doing medium rock drills.”

What are your other interests/hobbies?
Matthew – “Bouncing on my trampoline, playing outside, and playing with Legos.”
William – “Climb trees, play games with my friends, and reading.”

(Parent) What made you choose LAAPA?
“The expertise of the teachers, as well as the ability to try new instruments at the same school. Great office staff. Very helpful and accommodating.”

A HUGE welcome to our 117 newest students who began lessons or added programs in August!

We are so happy that you’ve chosen to study at LAAPA.  
We know you will do great things this year!

Aaliyah R.
Abby P.
Abby R.
Abigail N.
Adam S.
Adam C.
Addison R.
Adele W.
(thanks to Penny W.)
Adrian G.
Aidan F.
Alex I.
Alex T.
(thanks to Madison A.)
Alex G.
Alexa C.
(thanks to Seth C.)
Alexandra S.
(thanks to Dawn H.)
Allison P.
Alysa A.
Amira M.
Andrew M.
Andrew D.
Annabella G.
Annabelle H.
(thanks to Angie P.)
Annie P.
Anthonika M.
(thanks to Olivia S.)
Ashlyn P.
Avery C.
(thanks to Seth C.)
Avery L.
(thanks to Julie P.)
Bryce F.
Cameron C.
Caroline H.
(thanks to Melissa M.)
Carson A.
Chloe G.
Chris D.
Christian J.
Christopher T.
Colin G.
Corey O’N.
Daven J.
Elinor F.
Elise D. V.
Elizabeth F.
Ethan H.
Ethan T.
Ethan F.
Ethan C.
Evan T.
Finn M.
Gabrielle S.
Grace G.
Grace B.
(thanks to Zoe C.)
Grace S.
(thanks to Carolyn R.)
Hadley H.
Harmony S.
Harris S.
Harry S.
Hunter B.
Ian C.
Injene W.
Ivan Y.
Jackie H.
Jacob B.
James N.
Jose M.
(thanks to Zach M.)
Joshua P.
Joy C.
Julie D.
Kai C.
Kaiden T.
Kaiya H.
Karter W.
Kate B.
Kate M-P.
Katie W.
Katie L.
Kelliana H.
Kenleigh D.
Kevin W.
Layla B.
Liam A.
Lily-Rose H.
Lindsay A.
Lola K.
London N.
Loralie N.
Maddie Jo P.
Madi O.’C.
(thanks to Aidan O’C.)
Mae K.
Mantas K.
Matthew R.
(thanks to Julie E.)
Megan W.
Michael K.
Miguel M.
(thanks to Zachary M.)
Nenitha T.
(thanks to Aishwarya N.)
Olivia D.
Patrick D.
(thanks to Wyatt I.)
Peyton K.
Peyton F.
Quin M.-P.
Rachael I.
(thanks to Carolyn R.)
Rachel N.
Rekha A.
(thanks to Nithya R.)
Reya D.
Riley C.
Rose M.
Ryan F.
Sam P.
Seth C.
(thanks to Christian C.)
Sophia A.
Sophia D.
Sophie R.
Tony B.,
Tristen M.
William C.
Zachary N.
Zevi B.

Student “Shout-Outs!”

“Hailing from parts unknown, Christopher Talley walks our earth, a guitar fashioned from the cherry tree felled by President Washington fastened to his back. He plays when and where and what he will, gifting humanity with such licks and riffs as he deems the times require, subtly propelling the zeitgeist where he descries it should move next. In autumn he has been spotted seated upon tree stumps in the woods of Sun, Louisiana, playing airy covers of Robert Johnson that draw unto himself a dutiful legion of wild animals, then vanishing. He is a wonderful teacher of guitar.”

~Casey Edler