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August 2019 Newsletter

Articles include, "Planning for Success in Music & Dance Lessons", Student of the Month - Addison Fitzmorris, Student News, Now Registering for Fall Music & Dance Lessons!, and more!"...

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Planning for Success in Music & Dance Lessons

LAAPA August 2019 Newsletter for Music Lessons & Dance Classes in Mandeville, Covington, Northshore, New Orleans, River Ridge, Harahan
Dear Students and Parents,

It’s August and that means it’s Back to School time! It’s the end to the summer but also the beginning of new and exciting opportunities! Students begin a new grade in school, study new subjects, and have a new teacher. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start, new goals to be set and accomplished, and perhaps a new uniform or pair of shoes! For students getting started in or continuing music lessons or dance classes, it’s very much the same as new concepts are introduced, new skills are developed, amazing new teachers join the faculty, and new goals are set and conquered. Of course, don’t forget about the new gear! Perhaps a shiny new guitar, drumset, violin, piano, keyboard, saxophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, leotard, tap or ballet shoes are in order upon beginning your lessons?

Students who have been taking lessons for a long time may decide that they’d like to really buckle down this year and reach the next level in their program(s)!

Has someone in your house been trying to pick out songs on the piano by ear? Are they trying to copy some of the choreography from an inspiring dance performance that they recently saw on TV? Perhaps they have a favorite song from a Disney musical that they just can’t stop singing around the house? Maybe they want to learn the right way to play some riffs on the guitar from their favorite bands? Will this be the school year someone in your family learns to PLAY, DANCE, or SING?!

If any of this sounds familiar, then this Fall, you just may want to learn more about our large variety of programs which have been voted #1 over the years in local publications such as NOLA Family Magazine, Edge Magazine, Sophisticated Woman Magazine, and Northshoreparent.com!

As Southeast Louisiana’s premier, private school of music and dance, we’ve brought the joy of the performing arts to over ten thousand families since 1978 and our university trained faculty currently work with over 1,400 students a week across our three campuses.

With the increasing presence of the digital realm consuming our daily lives, music and dance are more important today than ever before. Engaging in the performing arts is an amazing way for kids, teens, and adults to unplug from real-time stressors and copious amounts of passive consumerism while improving physical health, stimulating cognitive growth, building self esteem, and developing a new skill set - all while having fun at the same time!

Music and dance provide an unparalleled means to channel our fundamental need as humans to express ourselves and connect with others. In my own house, music and dance parties spontaneously pop up creating special moments for our family. While one child may hop on the piano, another may overhear and break out a hand drum while yet another is eager to demonstrate some chic choreography. My twelve year old son, Patrick, recently decided to start creating a piano sound track to whatever book my wife is reading to our youngest daughter before bed. When it’s my own turn to play, I often get requests for each child’s “theme song” which usually chronicles their habits and tendencies (both the good and not so good - all taken with good humor of course). The choreography gets really interesting for these! At any rate, I share this because I’d like everyone to have these kinds of experiences in their own homes!

Now that Summer is over, lesson times are beginning to fill quickly both with former students returning from vacations as well as new students from our summer camps (all completely sold out this year)! Indeed, Summer ‘19 was a record for us in terms of attendance. While we are extremely pleased to help so many students, we are also concerned about a possible shortage of openings this Fall due to our Summer growth. We are working on hiring new faculty members for the Fall, but if you’d like to return to your previous teacher/day/time, I’d recommend that you give us a call TODAY to see what they have available.

Give us a call, send us a text, email, or stop by today! We look forward to an awesome new school year with you -

Ryan Cullen, Academy Director

Register Now for Fall Music & Dance Classes!

At LAAPA, we offer the most comprehensive Music & Dance Program in the Greater New Orleans area with three campuses located in Covington, Harahan, and Mandeville. For over 40 years, we’ve provided lessons to tens of thousands of students in Piano, Guitar, Voice, Violin, Drums, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap, Brass, Woodwind, Bands, Preschool Music, and more!

Covington: 985-590-4545
Mandeville: 985-674-2992
River Ridge: 504-738-3050

Student News

Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop Dance, Music New Orleans, Mandeville, Harahan, Northshore
Congratulations to River Ridge School of Music & Dance student, Sahithi Koneru (pictured above), for being named Kehoe-France Southshore’s 2019 Valedictorian. Sahithi takes piano lessons with Ms. Gracie and has been a student at LAAPA since 2014. Keep up the great work!
Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop Dance, Music New Orleans, Mandeville, Harahan, Northshore
Mandeville School of Music & Dance student Jennifer Zuckerman (pictured above) saved up 40 superior tickets and cashed them in for a LAAPA T-shirt. She takes voice lessons with Mrs. Rebecca. Way to go, Jennifer!
Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop Dance, Music New Orleans, Mandeville, Harahan, Northshore
Mandeville School of Music & Dance student Zorie Golden (pictured above) saved up 5 tickets for all the hard work she puts in during dance class, and exchanged them for a treasure chest prize! Zorie takes Parent & Tot dance with Ms. Desiree. Keep dancing, Zorie!
piano lessons at Mandeville School of Music & Dance, Covington, Northshore, New Orleans
Congratulations to River Ridge voice student, Sophia Rosamano (pictured above) who was recently accepted into the Contemporary (Voice) Music Degree online program at the University of Maine at Augusta! Here’s a message from Sophia:
“I was born with a condition called Cerebral Palsy, which affects my muscles and my ability to move without the use of a wheelchair. It makes singing difficult at times, but I’ve learned to adapt! Don’t ever let someone tell you you can’t do something, because you really can do anything you put your mind to. Your goal may seem a little difficult to reach at first, but eventually you’ll get there!”
Thank you for sharing your story, Sophia. We’re so very proud of you!

LAAPA Recording Studio!

Alexandra takes voice, piano, music lessons, Covington, Northshore, Mandeville, New Orleans, Harahan

Our recording studio is located at the Mandeville campus and features a 32 track ProTools system, 4k video cameras, premium mics and equipment. Click the button below to learn more, schedule a studio tour or Book Your Session today!

Learn More!

Send us your news!

We love getting your news, success stories and comments. If you'd like to share your news with us, please e-mail at studentnews@laapa.com. Please note that we are now publishing our newsletters monthly, and if you don't see your submission in this edition, it will be published as soon as space is available! Connect with us on Facebook at facebook.com/laapaface, youtube.com/laapatube, and now on Twitter at @laapatweets.

Happy August Birthdays!

We'd like to wish the following Students, Faculty, and Staff a very Happy Birthday this Month!

Students: Abilyn K. (6), Addison G. (13), Aidan D. (11), Aidan H. (14), Aimee L. (13), Alana E. (10), Alecsander C. (15), Alvin L. (7), Ameria H. (12), Amethyst P. (2), Andrew C. (13), Anna G. (15), Anna D. (8), Anthony R. (10), Atticus D. (4), Audrey O. (6), Bailey S. (10), Benjamin V. (11), Brian T. (8), Brynn H. (13), Cailah F. (9), Carter V. (4), Casey E. (38), Constance H. (68), Daniel M. (32), Darius L. (12), David T. (40), Desmond B. (16), Dorothy M. (28), Duyen T. (11), Elizabeth E. (8), Ellie K. (6), Emerson R. (3), Emma D. (16), Erik D. (10), Ethan K. (18), Evan S. (12), Everly F. (2), Gabriella A. (8), Grayson B. (6), Hailey S. (14), Hannah S. (7), Helenna P. (5), I’Janae J. (15), Jaelyn G. (4), James C. (4), Janessa Z. (10), John Daniel H. (7), Josie W. (12), Julia B. (8), Justin H. (13), Karlee B. (22), Katelyn C. (3), Katherine C. (11), Lena T. (8), Liam M. (13), Life S. (12), Lillian J. (6), Logan T. (13), Lucia F. (15), Lydia G. (15), Lynne D. (60), Madelyn F. (7), Marla H. (14), Marley A. (8), Mary D. (10), Mercy M. (10), Mia P. (6), Mia W. (15), Michelle V. (4), Micole G. (14), Mylia M. (6), Nicholas B. (14), Nicole B. (38), Nina L. (14), Noah S. (13), Nora E. (8), Preston L. (10), Rachel M. (4), Reagan D. (11), Rebecca W. (66), Reese M. (12), Rob D. (60), Ron R. (68), Sami S. (21), Savanna Z. (7), Sophie Z. (4), Todd F. (42), Travis G. (36), Tripp W. (13), Vivi B. (8)

Faculty: Austin W., John S., Sean G.

Video of the Month - "Living on a Prayer" by Covington's Junior Rock Ensemble

The junior rock ensemble at LAAPA's Northshore campus recently shared this performance of the Bon Jovi classic at our Spring concert.
Vocals: Lolo Loris
Keyboard: Mason Frey
Drums: Zachary Montz
Guitar: Jonathan Kelchner
Bass: Instructor, Chris T.


Important Dates:

August 17:
Open House
Mandeville Campus (2-5 PM)
River Ridge Campus (2-5 PM)

September 2:
Labor Day - No Lessons

New Artwork by Michaela Howell

We are very fortunate to work with local artist Michaela Howell. Many of her paintings and art are on display at all three of our school campuses!

Michaela recently brought in new artwork that can be viewed at both of our Northshore campuses. The beautiful piece above is available for purchase at our Covington location for $425.

Interested in purchasing art from Michaela? Inquire at the front desk!

With down home country humble beginnings Michaela has always been very resourceful. She cuts, sands, primes, paints, and in some cases stains her abstract versions of the wooden instruments, creating very hands-on works of art. This resourcefulness has “Played” out very nicely in her most current work. Though the recycling of varying musical instrument components including guitar strings, violin knobs, music sheets featuring the instrument showcased, Michaela portrays a ‘current’ sense of style combined with a very vivid color pallet, creating a symphony for the senses!

Students of the Month - Addison Fitzmorris

New Orleans, Metairie, Mandeville Voice Lessons

Mandeville School of Music & Dance student, Addison Fitzmorris, takes piano, voice, and musical theatre lessons here at LAAPA! We recently had a chance to speak with her and learn a little more about her lessons and interests!

What program are you taking and who is your teacher?
“I take piano, voice, and musical theatre with Mrs. Rebecca and Mrs. Mary."

How long have you been taking lessons with us?
“I’ve been taking lessons for 7 years.”

What is your favorite genre of music to listen to / who is your favorite artist?
“I like Broadway music and Lin-Manuel Miranda.”

What does music mean to you?
“Music is my life! It means everything to me.”

What are your other interests / hobbies outside of music and dance?
“I enjoy playing volleyball, riding my bike, and spending time with my friends.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?
“When I grow up, I want to be an actress.”

(Parent) What made you choose LAAPA?
“We originally chose LAAPA for the preschool music program. Addison’s father is a drummer and her grandmother sings Opera.”

A HUGE welcome to our newest students who began lessons or added programs in July!

We are so happy that you’ve chosen to study at LAAPA.
We know you will do great things this year!

Ally B.
Amber J.
Amelia H.
Ananya R.
Anita C.
Anthony P.
Ashley C.
Ashlyn T.
Ashton R.
Atticus D.
Aubrey T.
Breanna M.
Brylee M.
Carlos V.
Charlee H.
Charlotte S.
Charlotte C.
Chloe S.
Christal H.
Claire T.
Claire H.
Clifton S.
Daniel M.
Diego C.
Dreux B.
Eldrige B.
Emely J.
Emme F.
(Thanks Thien Familey)
Emmy T.
Felicity M.
Fiona O.
Fiona M.
Frankie K.
Fynnlei D.
Grant M.
(Thanks Liz M.)
Greving C.
Harper B.
Jace W.
Jack G.
Jaelyn G.
Jude F.
Julep H.
Julianne S.
Katelyn C.
Kayla G.
Kelsi D.
Kiley M.
Kyla O.
Lainey L.
Leanna W.
Lena T.
Lillian J.
Lindsey A.
Loren S.
Luna R.
(Thanks Athena P.)
Maya R.
Michael M.
Mila Grace A.
Mira A.
Murti P.
Mylia M.
Natalia H.
Nyla W.
Olivia J.
(Thanks Kenna L.)
Owen M.
Remi E.
(Thanks Georgia G.)
Sage B.
Sandra S.
(Thanks Lauren M.)
Savanna Z.
Sawyer L.
Sebastian P.
Seth F.
(Thanks Darrah Family)
Shanna D.
Silas T.
Skylar N.
Sophia C.
Suzan K.
Tatum H.
Thomas B.
Tilak P.
Vedant R.
Vivienne A.
(Thanks Aleta O.)
Zena A.

Student “Shout-Outs!”

“Chris is a good teacher- he makes the technical aspects of guitar easy to follow, which is what I enjoy best.”
~ Brian B.

“Since starting her lessons with Mr. Austin, she has gained a whole new level of confidence. She has learned so much from him. He is a wonderful teacher and we are very happy to be here!”
~ Gleason Family

“She’s loving it here! Lessons are going great and she adores Ms. Grace.”
~ Fitzgerald Family