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October 2019 Newsletter

Articles include, "Creating the Best Music & Dance Educational Experience", Student of the Month - Rafaela Neves, Student News, It's Not Too Late to Register for Fall Music & Dance Lessons!, and more!"...

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Creating the Best Music & Dance Educational Experience

LAAPA October 2019 Newsletter for Music Lessons & Dance Classes in Mandeville, Covington, Northshore, New Orleans, River Ridge, Harahan
On August 29, our entire faculty and staff came together to meet at the Elwood J. Dufour Performance Hall on the campus of the Mandeville School of Music & Dance to learn about what’s new at LAAPA this school year! We wanted to share just a few highlights to demonstrate how committed our Faculty/Staff are to providing a truly unrivaled and first class music and dance education here in the Greater New Orleans area.

Ryan Cullen, Academy Director, opened the meeting and shared what’s new with LAAPA this year and discussed how all faculty and staff can take the experiences we provide for our students and families to the next level! His biggest news this year was our transition to a new lesson scheduling platform called My Music Staff. Cullen said, “The new software is light years ahead of our previous system, and teachers, students, and parents are now able to access their schedules, mark themselves absent, schedule a makeup workshop, add and email practice notes, add/download/review digital lesson PDF, video content, and more all in one place!” Students and parents may login at student.laapa.com.

It’s also important to note that because this new system can accomplish everything that LessonMate was previously handling, your old LessonMate account will be discontinued by the middle of this month (around October 15). We encourage students, teachers, and parents to download anything they would like to save prior to that date!

If you haven’t yet received your login credentials to the new My Music Staff system, please reach out to the front desk and we will be happy to get you all set up!

Finally, Mr. Cullen also took some time to discuss LAAPA’s unique “8 point plan” for a great lesson/class every week which specifically outlined the areas that need to be a part of each lesson for maximum student engagement and progress. A major part of this plan is ensuring that the lesson content and goals are relevant to the goals and interests of the student. At LAAPA, our mission is to impart a lasting joy of music and dance within our students, so it’s of the utmost importance that our students are able to work on the kinds of music and dance that they are interested in.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from new prospective students is, “How long does it take to be able to play this song or perform this choreography?”

Our answer is always to think about music and dance as a language - your vocabulary and skill grow with time and your own pursuit of growth. That being said, one of the key talents of our faculty members is their ability to offer new beginners simplified arrangements of some of their favorite music/choreography so that they are able to have fun while remaining motivated to practice and build their technique to learn the full version(s).

Finally, special thanks go out to Faculty members Mrs. Carolyn Russell, Mrs. Jennifer White, Mrs. Rebecca Posey, Dr. Vera Zholondz, Ms. Desiree Wardsworth, and Mrs. Mary Shaffo who all presented special training workshops for our team which included “Leadership in Teaching”, “Student Retention”, and “Perfect Pitch for Vocalists and Instrumentalists.”

Thanks to all of our faculty and staff at LAAPA - it’s a privilege to work with the most devoted and talented educators and staff in the area!

It's Not Too Late to Register for Fall Music & Dance Classes!

Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop Dance, Music New Orleans, Mandeville, Harahan, Northshore

At LAAPA, we offer the most comprehensive Music & Dance Program in the Greater New Orleans area with three campuses located in Covington, Harahan, and Mandeville. For over 40 years, we’ve provided lessons to tens of thousands of students in Piano, Guitar, Voice, Violin, Drums, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap, Brass, Woodwind, Bands, Preschool Music, and more!

Covington: 985-590-4545
Mandeville: 985-674-2992
River Ridge: 504-738-3050

Bring a Friend Week - October 25th - 31st

Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop Dance, Music New Orleans, Mandeville, Harahan, Northshore
Bring a Friend week is coming - October 25-31! Share your lesson with a friend, come dressed in costume, trick or treat at the school!

Student News

Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop Dance, Music New Orleans, Mandeville, Harahan, Northshore
River Ridge School of Music & Dance piano and voice student, Angelina Williams (pictured above) was recently nominated for Student of the Year at her school. Angelina takes lessons with Mrs. Lisa and Mrs. Kadi. She’s been a student at LAAPA since 2015. Way to go, Angelina! We are so very proud of you!
River Ridge School of Music & Dance ballet student, Linda Calderon will be performing in the Jefferson Parish Arts Society’s production of the Nutcracker on December 21st and 22nd. Congratulations Linda!
Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop Dance, Music New Orleans, Mandeville, Harahan, Northshore
LAAPA voice and piano instructor, Mr. Enrico (pictured above), will be performing in the Jefferson Parish Arts Society’s production of Annie in December. Tickets are on sale now! Mr. Enrico teaches at our Mandeville and Covington campuses.

Send us your news!

We love getting your news, success stories and comments. If you'd like to share your news with us, please e-mail at studentnews@laapa.com. Please note that we are now publishing our newsletters monthly, and if you don't see your submission in this edition, it will be published as soon as space is available! Connect with us on Facebook at facebook.com/laapaface, youtube.com/laapatube, and now on Twitter at @laapatweets.

LAAPA Recording Studio!

Alexandra takes voice, piano, music lessons, Covington, Northshore, Mandeville, New Orleans, Harahan

Our recording studio is located at the Mandeville campus and features a 32 track ProTools system, 4k video cameras, premium mics and equipment. Click the button below to learn more, schedule a studio tour or Book Your Session today!

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Happy October Birthdays!

We'd like to wish the following Students, Faculty, and Staff a very Happy Birthday this Month!

Students: Adam P. (41), Adler B. (11), Aimme R. (9), Aiva L. (6), Alannah B. (5), Alex T. (6), Allie S. (9), Ally P. (16), Amelia T. (7), Ana G. (7), Angelina C. (9), Anita R. (55), Ansley G. (10), Anthony H. (5), Ashley A. (28), Ashley Z. (15), Athena P. (4), Aubrey T. (5), Audrey A. (6), August S. (10), Ava D. (10), Avery P. (7), Aydan L. (13), Brianna C. (11), Brooklyn C. (9), Bryan N. (8), Caitlin C. (11), Camila A. (9), Camille H. (5), Caroline B. (14), Cashel R. (42), Charleigh L. (6), Charlotte J. (4), Cole F. (11), Colette T. (4), David M. (34), Elena K. (7), Elisa B. (4), Emma L. (8), Everett L. (8), Farah A. (11), Francesca C. (9), Gabrielle G. (12), Gabrielle G. (15), Genevive R. (5), Giulianna K. (10), Ian P. (6), Jaci W. (10), Jackson H. (6), Jackson K. (7), Jax C. (7), Jeanine G. (51), Jennifer Z. (15), Jesse P. (3), JT T. (32), Juliana S. (12), Kai C. (7), Kristen P. (12), Lauren G. (25), Liam C. (6), Linda C. (18), Logann L. (16), Lolo L. (11), Luna R. (4), Lyric L. (12), Mabyn B. (6), Mary B. (66), Mary R. (15), Mason F. (12), Matthew B. (10), Mazzy O. (5), Michael D. (12), Michael M. (56), Michael T. (18), Naomi L. (2), Natalia H. (14), Nicholas L. (17), Noah P. (4), Olivia C. (5), Paige G. (9), Pamela G. (38), Perrin T. (8), Phaedra (9), Q (John) R. (9), Reed S. (68), Ryan A. (14), Sabrina S. (6), Samantha G. (10), Samantha M. (8), Samuel K. (6), Seth L. (13), Shanna D. (33), Shannon F. (11), Silas T. (9), Sofia D. (5), Sophia E. (9), Sophie L. (7), Sophie N. (10), Taylor W. (6), Teresa C. (50), Tess H. (34), Tim H. (64), Trent C. (13), Tyler B. (16), Valencia A. (6), Valex R. (8), Vilissia S. (6), Yunhee B. (34), Zayyan J. (3)

Faculty & Staff: Bill S., Kadi H., Kim L., Jessica M., KC T.

Video of the Month - "I'll Be Seeing You - Songs of the 1940s"

Students of Mrs. Rebecca shared an afternoon of classic music from the 1940's. In addition to teaching voice and piano lessons, Mrs. Rebecca is also a talented seamstress and created nearly all of the costumes in this video for her students!


Important Dates:

October 25 - 31:
Bring a Friend Week / Wear Your Costume to LAAPA

October 31:
We are OPEN for classes - Happy Halloween!

New Artwork by Michaela Howell

We are very fortunate to work with local artist Michaela Howell. Many of her paintings and art are on display at all three of our school campuses!

Michaela recently brought in new artwork that can be viewed at both of our Northshore campuses. The beautiful piece above is available for purchase at our Covington location for $425.

Interested in purchasing art from Michaela? Inquire at the front desk!

With down home country humble beginnings Michaela has always been very resourceful. She cuts, sands, primes, paints, and in some cases stains her abstract versions of the wooden instruments, creating very hands-on works of art. This resourcefulness has “Played” out very nicely in her most current work. Though the recycling of varying musical instrument components including guitar strings, violin knobs, music sheets featuring the instrument showcased, Michaela portrays a ‘current’ sense of style combined with a very vivid color pallet, creating a symphony for the senses!

Students of the Month - Rafaela Neves

New Orleans, Metairie, Mandeville Voice Lessons

River Ridge School of Music & Dance student, Rafaela Neves takes Ballet and Piano lessons at LAAPA. We recently had a chance to speak with her and learn a little more about her lessons and interests!

What program are you taking and who is your teacher?
“I take piano lessons with Mrs. Kadi and ballet lessons with Mrs. Mollie.”

How long have you been taking lessons?
“About 1 year.”

What kind of music do you listen to?
“I listen to lots of different songs. I especially like rock from the 80s, Disney Princess songs, country, and pop music.”

What is your favorite part about lessons each week?
“I just love music! I like performing in my piano and dance classes because I love music.”

What are your other interests/hobbies outside of music?
“Watching movies, relaxing, and reading books.”

(Dad) What made you choose LAAPA?
“We chose LAAPA because it’s a great place. We love the environment here, and all of the classes and instructors.”

A HUGE welcome to our newest students who began lessons or added programs in September!

We are so happy that you’ve chosen to study at LAAPA.
We know you will do great things this year!

Abigail W.
Adam Q.
A’Dara B.
Aimme R.
Aliyah S.
Ally P.
Annabel T.
Anthony H.
Aubrey J.
Ava H.
Avilys S.
Benny P.
Brooklyn C.
Bryanna S.
(Thanks Valerie S.)
Cailu J.
Caleb E.
Casey E.
Charleigh L.
(Thanks Tasha W.)
Cheznie G.
Christian P.
Christina I.
(Thanks Cashel R.)
Clark T.
Cole M.
(Thanks Carson T.)
Colson L.
(Thanks Tanya B.)
Dan M.
David M.
Eleanor B.
(Thanks Elaine F.)
Elise M.
Ella G.
Emma L.
Emma-Lee C.
Ethan K.
Frank H.
Gabby H.
Gabriel C.
(Thanks Jonathan B.)
Gabriel C.
(Thanks Daniel M.)
Genevieve B.
Gisselle W.
Isabel B.
(Thanks Anna P.)
Jackson C.
Jane S.
Jazlie-Ann C.
Jessica D.
Kayla M.
Kayleigh G.
Lauren G.
(Thanks Cashel R.)
Laurie B.
(Thanks Cashel R.)
Leilani M.
Lily H.
Lynne D.
Mark B.
Masonne G.
Maylana D.
Mazzy O.
Meghan P.
Miguel D.
Mihit P.
Mirma M.
Natalie M.
Nikolas P.
Noah P.
Olivia Y.
Opal D.
Orlandon M.
Raegan M.
Raijan B.
Rennae W.
Rob S.
(Thanks Lonica C.)
Sammy M.
Sara C.
(Thanks Cashel R.)
Seth L.
Sloane P.
Sophie L.
Stephanie K.
Tara C.
Tarini S.
Tate W.
Thalia T.
Trent T.
Vilissia S.
William A.
(Thanks Tristyn W.)
Yunhee B.
Yunus O.
Zachory B.

Student “Shout-Outs!”

“Justin is loving lessons! He is very excited to come each week and has been motivated to practice at home!”
~ Angelloz Family

“Lessons with Haydee have been building my confidence so much. I went last week and even though I was sick, I was hitting higher notes than I ever had before!”
~ Lucy G.

“Zoie LOVES Parent and Tot classes! She practices at home all the time and always wants to show off her new talents. We just went to the zoo this weekend and she was doing frog hops around all the exhibits! She’s always so excited to go to class.”
~ Rico Family