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Strength & Conditioning

Improve your dance technique, body awareness, and muscle development. Read more about our Dance Strength & Conditioning Classes below:

Strength & Conditioning Classes (ages 9+)

Strength & Conditioning Dance Classes in Harahan and River Ridge, Louisiana
Strength & Conditioning Dance Classes in Harahan and River Ridge, Louisiana
Strength & Conditioning Dance Classes in Harahan and River Ridge, Louisiana

About the Dance Strength & Conditioning Program

Strength and Conditioning is a class designed to help promote self-care for dancers and enhance their training experience. These classes are designed to target core strength, flexibility, posture, turnout, and muscular development. Instructors focus on technique, body awareness, body alignment, and engaging and releasing muscle tension. Teachers incorporate Pilates, Yoga, Thera-Band exercises, weight training, and meditation. Each class is intentionally given to improve stamina and endurance. This class promotes understanding of dancers’ bodies as they endure rigorous training that may include high impact jumps, pointe work, and sustained motion for long periods of time. The strength and conditioning class is ideal for injury prevention and creating a more fit dancer. Strength & Conditioning is offered as a free class for students ages 9+ that are currently enrolled in 2 or more weekly dance classes.

Watch a Video on Nutrition, Flexibility, and Choreography for Dancers

Registration for Strength & Conditioning Classes:

Strength & Conditioning students who are brand new to dance are welcome to enroll at any time during the year.

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