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2020 Christmas Music Concerts Participation Form

Christmas 2020 Recital Information


Dear Parents and Students,

It’s that time again! Christmas is just around the corner and so is our annual Christmas Concert. This year’s concerts will be held as follows:

River Ridge Campus: Saturday, December 12, at Victory Fellowship - 5708 Airline Drive in Metairie.

Covington & Mandeville Campuses: Saturday-Sunday, December 19-20  at Furhmann Auditorium 128 W 23rd Ave, Covington, LA 70433

More details will be made available closer to the recital date. Please keep both days open as we will have multiple concerts from 8:30 AM through 8 PM (Saturday) and 12 PM-8 PM (Sunday). Your concert date and assignment will be announced in early December. All students are asked to sign-up no later than 11/8/2020. Students who do not return the form by 11/8 will be unable to participate. We are unable to make any exceptions to this deadline.

Regular lessons will not be held Saturday, December 12 (at the River Ridge Campus) or Saturday December 19 (at the Covington/Mandeville campuses) so that all may participate and enjoy the concerts.

Parents and students may invite as many friends, relatives, etc. as they wish.

- Christmas is indeed a time of giving and a time to reflect and be thankful for all that we have been given. In this spirit, LAAPA’s Faculty and Staff would like to ask that all parents, students, friends and relatives attending the Christmas Concert bring one of the following items to donate to families in need as admission to the concert: toy for a child (indicate boy or girl and appropriate age), diapers all sizes NB through 5, baby clothes all sizes to Toddler 3, baby and adult toiletries such as soap and shampoo, winter clothes (especially jackets used and in good shape), or check in any amount made payable to “Teresian Sisters’ Mission”. Please use only bags if you are wrapping them (do not wrap with paper and tape) as the Sisters distribute these according to the requests of the children in the mission and look at each gift. These items will be collected by our staff the day of the concert and donated to the Teresian Mission run by the Teresian Sisters in Batesville, La Pryor, and Uvalde, TX. Please note that we are only able to accept donations on the days of the concerts at the venues. Donations will only be accepted the days of the concerts. Please do not drop off donations at our school locations. You may learn more about the mission that we support at!

Students who wish to participate in the concert must complete the form online no later than November 8th. Each student may perform one piece per program of study (2 minutes in length or less). Concert dress may be dressy casual or as formal as you wish. For our young ladies, please choose dresses that are moderate in length and neckline with no open backs. (If you are not sure please send a photo of dress for approval.)

- Each selection performed must be no more than 2 minutes in length. (Performances must be cut to 2 minutes if they are over 2 minutes.)

- Instrumental and vocal students (voice, guitar, strings, wind, brass, etc.) will require accompanists.  The accompanist fee is $35 and will provide students with 30 minutes of rehearsal time with the accompanist (or their instructor within the lesson) in addition to the performance on the day of the concert.  Should any parent/student feel that more time is needed with the accompanist, additional private accompanist sessions are available at $35 per 30 minute session and may be booked at the Front Desk. 


Signing up for the recital is a fantastic opportunity, but it's also a commitment to be taken seriously! All solos and original compositions must be memorized and be completely ready for performance no later than December, 2020.

During the first two weeks of December, all student recital participants will be required to complete a formal rehearsal during their regular lesson. At that time your teacher will either 1.) fully approve your performance, 2.) approve conditionally (requires scheduling additional rehearsal with the office), or 3.) recommending that the student wait until the next recital for the best on stage experience.

Please note that only students who are fully prepared will be allowed to perform.  No exceptions will be made as students will NOT be allowed to use their music for solo performances at the recital.  Students may use their music for duets/ensembles/accompanying other students.


We will be taking LIVE ACTION SHOTS that will be available for digital download and purchase. We will also be offering photos on the Red carpet an on stage before and after the concerts as time permits! We will also be offering HD video recordings of each performer as digital downloads available for purchase.

Live Video Streaming will also be provided via our website for all of our music recitals at Please realize that our Live Stream is a BEST EFFORT as we are limited to the quality of the venue's Internet Connection. Be sure to share this link with your distant family and friends!



School Campus / Concert Date Participating (select one):

Would you like to order a professional HD video recording of your performance? All orders delivered in the highest possible resolution as private videos via Vimeo (for music students) and YouTube (for dance students). Please note that your order will be emailed to the address you provide us. See YouTube examples below of package options.

Music Recital Video Example - Your performance. Multiple cameras, zoom ins, edited with student or class name/piece and academy logo - 1080p 30 fps

Music Recital Video Example - Your performance. Multiple cameras, zoom ins, edited with student or class name/piece and academy logo - 1080p 30 fps

Music Recital Video Example - Your performance. Multiple cameras, zoom ins, edited with student or class name/piece and academy logo - 1080p 30 fps

By participating in the concerts this year, you are agreeing to the following terms:

I have read and agree to follow the above information/guidelines regarding participation in the upcoming Concert.

The school is hereby granted permission to take photographs, audio, and video of the student during the concerts to use in advertisements and other promotional materials the school creates. Video/Audio of all performances will be streamed live on the website on the day of the concerts.

I authorize LAAPA to deduct accompanist fees needed from my account on file at the time this entry form is submitted. If an accompanist or additional formal rehearsal is required, I understand that LAAPA will call with rehearsal scheduling options. I understand that my performance time(s) will be assigned ASAP after registering and that all fees are nonrefundable.

If you’d like to use an alternate form of payment for the accompanist fee, or have any other concerns, please only complete this form in-person at the front desk.

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