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Summer Camps

Join us this July for a Summer of Music, Dance, & Fun! Great for students ages 5-16 who wish to explore many different music & dance instruments and styles.

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Summer Music Camps - Summer Dance Camps (ages 5-16)

Ready to have a blast this summer!? Summer Music Camps and Summer Dance Camps at our New Orleans and Mandeville campuses provide students ages 5-16 with a choice of over 40 instrumental, vocal, and dance programs to explore.

Summer Music Camp at Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts

What Happens at Summer Camp?
Each week students choose up to eight of our programs. By breaking up the day into a variety of different classes, we ensure that each student becomes introduced to a variety of new programs and concepts and is provided with a well rounded performing arts experience.

Summer Music Camp at Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts

Summer Camps are held from 9 AM - 3 PM Monday - Friday. Over the course of each day, students will attend their choice of classes and programs which are all age and level appropriate. The goal of each class for beginning students is to provide an introduction and a basic foundation in a fun and relaxed environment. For experienced students, the goal is to provide the inspiration and motivation necessary to take their skills to the next level!

Summer Music Camp at Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts

Each class is between 30-60 minutes in length. There are two 15 minute water/snack breaks during the day as well as a 30 minute lunch/recess period. Students bring a brown bag lunch each day.

Summer Music Camp at Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts

At the end of each day of camp, all students come together for performance classes which feature what they have learned that day in camp. Each Friday afternoon, our campers hold a special end of week performance to show family and friends what they have accomplished. See below to watch some performances by our talented campers from last year!
Are Brand New Beginners Welcome?
Absolutely! Our summer camps are an excellent way for brand new beginners to discover which instruments and programs interest and excite them the most. Perhaps your child has shown an interest in music, dance, piano, singing, guitar, violin, drums (just to name a few!)? Wherever his/her interest lies, we are happy to provide a formal introduction to the programs of your choice in a structured and fun environment! At the end of each week, the faculty members write a brief overview of your child’s aptitude for each program/instrument which is extremely helpful in determining which program(s)/instrument(s) would be a good match in terms of ongoing weekly classes and private lessons.

Summer Music Camp at Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts

What Styles are Taught?
We teach a variety of music and dance styles during summer camps including but not limited to rock, pop, jazz, country, christian, blues, classical, contemporary.

Summer Music Camp at Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts

Are Your Instructors Qualified?
While many summer camps are staffed by high school students, our camps are all taught by our University Trained Faculty. We have over 50 faculty members on staff at LAAPA. Our faculty all hold a Bachelor of Music degree or higher and/or have equivalent professional performance or teaching experience. Our teachers are dedicated to learning about your personal goals and helping you to achieve them in a manner that is FUN and ENJOYABLE. When lessons are FUN and teachers inspire and motivate, students learn! In addition to their teaching credentials, our faculty is extremely friendly. Our faculty members have received their training and degrees from some of the finest University Schools of Music around the world including the Berklee College of Music, New York University, Florida State University, Loyola University of New Orleans, New England Conservatory, Oberlin Conservatory, Ohio State University, Southeastern Louisiana University, Tulane University, University of Denver, University of Miami, University of New Orleans, and the University of Southern Mississippi.

Summer Music Camp at Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts

How many students attend summer camp each week? Will my child get enough individual attention from the Faculty?
While many summer camps in the area are huge productions with hundreds of students at a time, ours are not. In order to promote a balanced atmosphere of fun, creativity, and education, only 25 students are admitted each week.

Summer Dance Camp at Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts

Here's What Parents are Saying About Summer Camp at LAAPA!:
“I live in New York City, but I was in New Orleans doing research for the summer. I needed to find a camp for my young son and daughter. I did some research and decided that the LAAPA-River Ridge camp had a lot to offer for a very good price. My experience exceeded even my most ambitious fantasies about what the camp would be like. The camp is held in a very controlled and well-organized environment. The staff is very friendly and thoughtful. I would often observe the
classes for a few minutes before leaving or come early and the students always seemed really excited about what they are learning. And yet, while making sure that learning is fun, the staff also manages to help students appreciate how important it is to be disciplined, to stay on task and remain focused, during lessons. Plus, I appreciated receiving weekly reports from each of the instructors explaining how the kids were doing in each of the cIasses. I had an amazing experience and would happily do it again!” ~ Michael Ralph
“My son just finished a week of camp at LAAPA and LOVED IT! I wish I had signed him up for all three weeks. Everyone was so friendly and laid back. The classes definitely sparked an interest in him, and we’ll be back next summer for all three weeks to explore more.” ~ Margaret Billings

Summer Dance Camp at Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts

2020 Summer Camp Details

Tuition: $299/week

(tuition includes t-shirt, registration, and one instrument rental)

Camps will be held at the Mandeville School of Music & Dance & River Ridge School of Music & Dance campuses from 9 AM - 3 PM as follows:

July 6-11, 2020
July 13-18, 2020
July 20-25, 2020
July 27-31, 2020

Campers choose up to eight of the following programs. Campers will experience their choices of these programs daily plus additional programs such as a daily performance class, musical games, etc. Please note that the availability of some programs each week is based on enrollment.

Piano (ages 5-up) Violin (ages 5-up) Acting (all ages)
Guitar (ages 8-up) Viola (ages 9-up) Beginning Band (ages 9-up)
Ukulele (ages 6-up) Cello (ages 9-up) Chorus (all ages)
Bass Guitar (ages 8-up) Flute (ages 9-up) Jazz Ensemble (ages 9-up)
Voice (ages 5-up) Clarinet (ages 9-up) Orchestra (ages 9-up)
Percussion (ages 5-up) Saxophone (ages 9-up) Orff Kodaly Music/Mvt. (ages 5-up)
Jazz Piano (ages 9-up) Trumpet (ages 9-up) Rock Band (ages 8-up)
Jazz Improv. (ages 10-up) Trombone (ages 9-up)  
Ear Training (ages 9-up) Ballet (ages 6-up)
Composition (ages 10-up) Jazz (ages 6-up)
Music Theory I (ages 5-8) Tap (ages 6-up)
Music Theory II (ages 9-up) Hip-Hop (ages 6-up)
Jazz Composition & Theory (ages 10-up)