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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we've posted a number of questions and answers that we often receive from beginning students and parents. Of course, we're always available to

I'm Brand New to Music Lessons - How Can I Learn More About Getting Started?
Welcome and thanks for stopping by! We absolutely love working with brand new beginners! We suggest initially reviewing our Music Lessons page via the button below:

Explore Music Lessons

I'm Brand New to Dance Classes - How Can I Learn More About Getting Started?
Welcome and thanks for stopping by! We absolutely love working with brand new beginners! We suggest initially reviewing our Dance Classes page via the button below:

Explore Dance Classes

I'm Brand New to Drama Classes - How Can I Learn More About Getting Started?
Welcome and thanks for stopping by! We absolutely love working with brand new beginners! We suggest initially reviewing our Drama Classes page via the button below:

Explore Drama Classes

How Much Do Private Music Lessons Cost?
You can review our music tuition guide here:

Music Tuition Guide

How Much Do Dance Classes Cost?
You can review our dance tuition guide here:

Dance Tuition Guide

How Much Do Toddler Music Classes Cost?
You can review our dance tuition guide here:

Preschool Music Tuition Guide

How Much Do Drama Classes Cost?
You can review our drama tuition guide here:

Drama Tuition Guide

How do we differ from in-home lessons/teachers and other schools?
We differ from in-home lessons in that teaching is a professional occupation for our teachers, not a part time hobby. Lessons are taught in a safe, school environment free from the many distractions commonplace in the home. Students have the opportunity to not only learn their instruments/disciplines, but to participate in and become part of the school community and build lasting relationships. Students have the opportunity to attend and/or perform in regular recitals and festivals held in professional auditoriums and earn recognition and trophy awards. As for other music and dance schools, we can only comment on what we offer and that we offer one of the most extensive programs available with extremely qualified and personable faculty and staff.
What Payment Options Do You Have?
We accept all major credit cards including American Express and Reward cards. There are no fee markups to use a credit card with us!
What are the qualifications of our teachers? Are background screenings performed?
All of our music teachers minimally hold a Bachelor of Music degree or have equivalent professional experience and all of our dance instructors hold either a B.F.A. degree in dance, equivalent professional certificate (such as Dance Masters), or have comparable professional experience. Our teachers are all experienced educators and chosen not only for their qualifications, but for their ability to inspire and motivate our students.

Safety for our students, parents, faculty, and staff is a top priority for us at LAAPA. We have made the pledge to be an official Family Safety Plan Music & Dance School. In order to display this badge, schools must commit to implementing a variety of safety features including observation windows in all studio doors, security cameras in every studio, extensive background and reference checks for all faculty/staff, administrative staff on campus during all classes, and an open door policy for parents to observe classes at any time. More information about the program is available at
What if the student and teacher's personalities don't mesh well? What if we begin lessons and we don't enjoy them?
At LAAPA we have a faculty of over sixty instructors. If a situation arises in which a student would like a different approach to learning, we are able to switch the student over to another teacher. Sometimes our students needs a different teaching style, and we do have the flexibility to change instructors to accomplish this. Students are free at any time to switch over to another program should he/she not be enjoying the lessons! It is our goal to place the student in a program suited specifically for their success and joy.
Do you offer music and dance lessons for adults? I don't see many pictures/videos of adult students.
Absolutely! We have many adult students that study with us each week. We are happy to teach adult students at any level from beginning to advanced. Lessons are provided in a fun, low pressure environment. Our adult students simply aren't as eager as our younger students to be on camera, but here's what Antoinette had to say about her lessons with us:

Additional information on programs for adults may be found by clicking below.

Dance Classes for Adults

Music Classes for Adults

Is participation in recitals mandatory for all students? When are they held?
Participation in our recitals is always optional but certainly highly encouraged. New students are encouraged to come and watch the performances so that they have a better idea of what it will be like when they are ready to get up on stage! Recitals are held each December and June!
Can I sit in on my child's lesson?
For music, Yes - we have an open door policy. It is your choice when to sit in. Some students find it distracting and some work better with Mom or Dad in the room. The teacher will give you some advice on this after they get to know your child. For dance, due to limited space in our studio, classes may be monitored from our waiting room on our closed circuit television system. Our music classrooms may additionally be viewed from our lobby via the CCTV system as well.
Do we need an instrument at home to practice with? Do we need a real piano or will a keyboard do?
Students are highly encouraged to have an instrument at home to practice with. If you'll be taking online classes, it's a must since you'll be playing it during your lesson! We are more than happy to recommend a variety of instruments based on budgeting and the student's needs/level. For piano lessons, our Director prepared this video on what to look for when purchasing a keyboard for piano lessons.

Although a real (acoustic) piano is always best, it is not necessary to begin lessons. The majority of students begin with a keyboards and once they decide they like it, then you can consider renting of purchasing an acoustic or digital piano. The most important thing to know when renting or purchasing a keyboard is that it must have full sized keys (each individual key should be the same size and an individual piano key) and it must be touch sensitive (if you hit the key hard, it makes a loud sound, if you hit it softly, it makes a soft sound). It is best to get a keyboard with at least 60+ keys so that the student does not outgrow it too quickly (a regular piano has 88 keys). Whenever possible, a weighted action is preferred to a semi-weighted or non-weighted action so that students can practice on an instrument that closely resembles the feel of the piano.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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