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Online Dance Classes

Too busy to get to one of our campuses? No worries! All of our teachers and classrooms have access to Zoom conferencing and blazing fast Internet allowing us to provide HD quality dance classes and private lessons in Ballet, Hip-Hop, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theater and more anywhere in the world!

Online Virtual Dance Classes (ages 4-adult)

Online Dance Instruction in Ballet, Hip-Hop, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theater and more in New Orleans, Mandeville, Covington

About Online Dance Instruction at LAAPA

Parents and kids are busier today than ever before! Online learning is growing in popularity all over the country, and it's hard to beat the convenience especially if you're perhaps a little tech saavy and have great Internet access! All of our dance classes are hybrid classes at this time meaning that some students attend in person, and some attend remotely. As long as you have a large, quiet open space such as a living room, you'll enjoy the same learning experience as you would in our studio - all from the comfort of home! If someone in your family is leaping around the living room, sashaying across the kitchen, or spinning around on the floor, then it just may be time to consider getting started!

Watch a sample dance class from our Lagniappe Lessons series on "5 Basic Ballet Positions."

What Classes Can I Take Online?

Any style dance that we teach in studio is also offered online. An example list of programs include Ballet, Hip-Hop, Tap, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, and Musical Theater. Looking for private dance coaching or preparing for a wedding or other special event? Private dance lessons are also offered online!

What are the Technical Requirements to Learn Dance Online?

Students who wish to take their dance classes online will need:

1.) Appropriate dance attire. All online students will follow our normal class dress codes.

2.) Computer, tablet, or phone with an HD quality camera that can run our Video Conferencing application. Most devices made in the last 2-3 years (or even more) should be just fine!

3.) High speed internet with low latency - at least 4 MB download/upload speeds. Most download speeds today are significantly higher than 4MB, however upload speeds are less consistent. When video conferencing, your upload speed is just as important as your download speed since you are also transmitting data! You can check your internet speed/connection here.

4.) A stand to hold your camera/device that can easily be positioned near you.

What Happens at Your First Lesson?

Your first lesson will be lots of fun! It may take just a minute or two for you to get accustomed to how the app works. To avoid any lost time for your first lesson, you are welcome to request a test call from our studio just to make sure everything is working on your end. After things are setup, you'll have the opportunity to introduce yourself to your teacher and discuss any goals you may have for taking lessons. Whether you're just starting out or have been dancing for years, our teachers make learning fun, comfortable, and are able to adjust classes to work with every individual student's experience level. Everyone was a beginner once, so just remember not to be nervous or think that any questions are silly.

Should I Be Aware of Any Limitations with Taking Classes Online?

The biggest thing to be aware of is your Internet's Quality of Service and the occasional connection interuption. While our studio has a blazing fast commercial connection, most homes have consumer grade speeds with many people in the neighborhood sharing the connection. Most times you'll never have an issue, but on occasion there may be a few lags in the video or audio due to a fluctuation with your speed or traffic congestion.

Performance Opportunities

All of our online students have the same invitation to perform in person at our recitals held each June and are also welcomed to audition for our annual Christmas dance show in December! Even if you live quite a distance away, performing on stage is a great reason for a little drive into town!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Online Dance Classes:

"Do You Offer Online Makeup Classes?"

In the event you are unable to attend you're regularly scheduled dance class, you are welcome to attend a similar class either in person at the studio or online, just give the office a call and we can arrange that for you! Just keep in mind that your makeup class may have a different instructor.

"I'm in a different time zone - can you accomodate me?"

While most of our lessons are offered locally in the afternoon-evening hours, some of our faculty are available at a variety of times as well! Just give us a call/text/email - many of our students travel abroad each summer and opt for online lessons and it works out well for everyone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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