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Music Concerts & Performances

All of our students at LAAPA have several opportunities to perform on stage in professional venues for family, friends, as well as the school community.

The Stage Awaits You!

Music Students showing off their awards at a LAAPA Music Concert in Metairie and Mandeville, LA

About our Music Concerts

Each year in December and June, all of our music students have the opportunity to perform on stage for our Christmas and Spring Recitals. Our productions are held in professional theatres with state of the art audio and lighting. Each Spring, we additionally hold an awards ceremony immediately following each performance in order to recognize the hard work each student has put into his/her lessons.

Students are never obligated to perform in any recital; however, they may be invited and encouraged to do so when the teacher feels they are ready! We understand that it's a big commitment to make your debut on the big stage and our faculty and staff are committed to providing students with all the necessary tools and information to ensure success! Over the past 40 years and hundreds of concerts later, our favorite part about what we do hasn't changed at all.

We love seeing the growth of our students. At their first performance, students are sometimes a tad shy/nervous and perhaps thinking "Should I really be up here?". That's usually just the first one or maybe two performances. After that, an amazing transformation happens and self-confidence tends to skyrocket! In fact, we sometimes have to remind them (after their fourth triple power bow) that they may now exit the stage - it's the next student's turn!

Watch student, Sarah, as she works the crowd at a Recent Performance!

Additional Themed Concerts

In addition to our main concerts held each year, many of our teachers enjoy putting smaller concerts together which feature just their students. These performances are held on campus in our own performance halls. As with all of our performances, there are no participation fees for student recital performers (with the exception of hiring an accompanist should one be required).

Watch students of Mrs. Rebecca below as they perform in a 40's style concert. Rebecca is also a talented seamstress and created the majority of costumes!

What Are Some of the Benefits of Performing?

As previously mentioned, Building Self-Confidence is a huge part of performing. Getting up on stage in front of a large audience can be intimidating, but with the right preparations, it is a skill that can be mastered and utilized in many different areas of life.

All of our students get to pose on the Red Carpet at each Concert!

A sense of Accomplishment and Affirmation is another important reason to perform. Certainly many students can be perfectly secure in their achievements and progress without setting foot on stage; however, as humans, we all typically have an innate desire to share and connect with others when we feel we've done something impressive! Children love to share their drawings with parents. A father might show off the car that he just spent 6 months rebuilding. Artists hold public events at galleries to proudly display the culmination of their hours upon hours of intensive labor and creativity. Musicians hold recitals in hopes of sharing the fruits of their labor and joy with others. The accolades from their teachers, parents, and fellow students in turn create positive motivation for them to continue in their studies.

Finally, musicians hold a tremendous power of Inspiration & Influence. Performing for any group of people is an emotional experience not only for the performer but also for the audience as well. Audience members will appreciate the performance, but one never knows who in the audience will additionally be inspired to perhaps try a new instrument or work harder at one they are already studying!

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