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Hip Hop Classes

Get down and get funky with our Hip Hop classes at LAAPA! Watch our beginning hip hop class in action below and learn a little more about our hip hop classes.

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Hip Hop Classes (ages 5-adult)

About the Hip Hop Program:

Our hip hop classes are offered at various times during the week to students beginning at age 5. Hip Hop is a style of dance that is more technically free, funky, and a derivative of jazz and African dance. Hip Hop steps are closely tied with those seen in current music videos and "pop culture". Like Jazz, the music is highly energetic and the movement is more free. We promote a family friendly atmosphere at LAAPA, so only music with appropriate lyrics and messages is used in the classes. Students in our Hip Hop classes come away with a great sense of rhythm and style. A variety of positions, techniques, and terminology are introduced and reinforced within each class to prepare them for any future dance endeavors, whether it be dance teams, musicals, or any of our many performance opportunities. The culmination of the student's hard work is showcased at our Winter Show and Spring Recitals through creative and original choreography. Below are class description for the various levels we offer.

Hip Hop/Jazz I (Ages 5-8):

Hip Hop/Jazz I combines street dance with funk and jazz in a fun, fast-paced environment. The class strives to equip students with the knowledge of various hip hop styles while also teaching the foundations of jazz technique and terminology, such as pas de bourrees, jazz squares, ball changes, etc. Students will learn the importance of isolations and dynamics to execute pop-and-lock and funk movements, while also increasing endurance and flexibility. In addition, this class hopes to foster and improve skills such as self-discipline, spatial awareness in the center and across the floor, gross motor skills and social interaction in a fun environment.

Hip Hop/Jazz II (Ages 8-11):

In Hip Hop/Jazz II, we build off of what the students have learned in level one, while also adding new and exciting challenges. In this class, we begin working on turns, leaps, kicks, and floor work, while also increasing the amount of endurance and strength and conditioning work with an emphasis on core and upper-body. Students are encouraged to take risks, perform bigger, and memorize more challenging and longer combinations and performance pieces.

Hip Hop/Jazz III (Ages 12-up):

After establishing a solid technical foundation, students in Hip Hop III can now focus on more complex combinations and performance technique. Students will be continually challenged physically and mentally as they continue to work on endurance, strength, musicality, as well as retention. In this class, students will learn to pick up choreography faster, as well as execute more difficult floor work, turns and leaps. They will also learn the importance of isolations and dynamics to execute pop-and-lock and funk movements. Another aspect of the class is introducing students to choreography technique and teaching them how to explore and create their own movement.

Registration for Hip Hop Classes:

Hip Hop students who are brand new to dance are welcome to enroll at any time during the year with the exception of recital preparation months (November, December, May, & June). During these months, we are happy to pre-register you for the next session.

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