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Voice/Singing Lessons

If you love to sing, you'll love learning to develop and nurture your singing voice with one of our many talented and enthusiastic voice teachers at Laapa!

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Voice/Singing Lessons (ages 5-adult)

All vocal students at the Academy focus each week on the development of their vocal range, ear training, stage presence, singing on pitch, breath control, vibrato, tone production, enunciation and more. Between the ages of 5 - 11, the vocal chords have not yet fully matured, and thus instructors take care to focus on repertoire that is both fun and enjoyable while still nurturing to the developing voice. As the vocal chords mature at the age of 12, students are introduced to additional repertoire such as classical arias/etudes, broadway, pop, and jazz selections, and of course any particular pieces the student is interested in learning!
Voice and singing lessons include a 30, 45, or 60 minute private lesson as well as a 45 minute theory class/assignment each week.
Voice/Piano Lessons (ages 5-adult) are also available and provide students with solid foundation in piano studies as well as voice with a 45 or 60 minute private lesson (covering both voice and piano within the time period).
About our Voice Faculty:
Our Voice Teachers at the Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts use a variety of nationally recognized voice texts such as 24 Italian Songs and Arias, Folk Songs for Solo Singers, Kid's Musical Theatre Collection, Full Voice Workbook Series, and various others depending on the interests of the student. Our voice teachers are also active performers and perform locally with various groups around the Greater New Orleans area.
All Inclusive Music Theory Program:
When you enroll in voice lessons at Laapa, you have the option of attending our weekly music theory classes to further your knowledge in the fundamentals of music. Topics include (but are not limited to) note reading and writing, rhythm, harmony, chord structures, basic understanding of the piano. There is no extra charge for the theory class, and attendance is completely optional. Students have the option of attending this class online or on campus.
Performance Opportunities:
As in all of our programs, our voice students have several opportunities to perform each year. Our regular recitals are held each June and December in state of the art auditoriums.
Some frequently asked questions regarding voice lessons that we receive include:

"What happens during voice/singing lessons?"

During your voice lessons, you'll most often begin by warming up with a series of quick lyrical patterns that ascend and descend to relax and condition your voice. After that you'll be singing a variety of songs depending on age and interest. Stage presence, posture, diction, breathing, and (of course) pitch are all topics on which you'll be focusing during each lesson!

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