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Pirouettes for Dancers

- contributed by Ms. Desiree

(00:08): Hi. I'm Desiree Wardsworth. Welcome to Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts. And today we're going to do a lesson on pirouettes. So we're going to look at pirouette en deors. Let's take it apart. First, your arms are going to come to first. They're going to open to second position. You're going to bring one arm in, release the arm and pull it together. So once again, that's first, second, arm comes in, release the arm and pull it together as you turn.

(00:33): What's going to happen for your body is you want to feel very lifted. Lift up your torso, nicely, drop your shoulders down, and then we're going to add the feet. So our feet are going to start in fifth. We're going to do a tondu. We're going to plie and fourth. We're going to bring our toe to the knee, and then we're going to turn away from our supporting leg. So we're going to be turning into this direction. So here we go. We're going to do our tondu, our plie. We're going to open our arm and turn away from the supporting leg and land. Once again, we're going to do tondu, and plie, release the arm and turn away from the supporting leg. The more you practice the pirouettes, the better they'll get. Thank you for joining us today.

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