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Icons Museum

Icons Museum

‍THE ICONS MUSEUM is located at 75533 River Rd in Covington, LA 70435 quite a ways off the beaten path within St Tammany Parish. It should be noted that the reservations are required in advance, and walk-in tours are not available to the general public. The extra planning is well worth it though since the coolest part about the experience is that the owner and artist himself will be your personal tour guide! Whether you're a party of one or a group of many (such as a school field trip), they are ready to accomodate you for a private 1 hour tour.

If you love art and modern culture, ICONS Museum is for you. Its collections are filled with pristine portraits of past and present cultural icons. Again, all tours are by appointment only, and tickets must be ordered in advance online. The Museum is wheelchair accessible, and you'll also get a behind the scences look at some creations in progress. Another Great Attraction.

The museum is owned and operated by Chairman and CEO, Matthew Montero. Now one of the top museums in Louisiana, Monetero, at age 32, he turned the entire museum and ownership to the public. The mission statement from the artist states, "My vision was to create an art experience that was a gift to culture and the world. I feel one of the greatest aspects of ICONS is that it shows how art and creativity is a great equalizer in society. The artists I have portrayed come from all different experiences and backgrounds. And when looking at them all together, the thoughts of race, gender, and petty differences vanish, and we just focus on the harmony and the tremendous art they gave the world. I wanted to highlight this elegance and redemptive quality in one complete experience."

The museum features a wide range of portraits of the greatest artists of the modern age. When browsing the art, it may be helpful to note that all unframed icons are still living, and all framed icons have passed away. The beautiful scenery is a great place to relax, so be sure to check out the ICONS Museum during your visit to Covington.

In addition to the general collection, the museum also features themed rooms called, "Retro Rooms" which display art from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. Not all art is intended for children, and the 60's room is labeled as "adults only age 21-up."

The museum is open 7 days a week from 11 AM - 8 PM by appointment only. Tickets are available at $95 per person for daytime appointments (includes portrait showcase and 2 RetroRoom tours). $149 per person for nighttime appointments (includes portrait showcase and 3 RetroRoom tours). Kids 15 and under enjoy free admission. A discount of $3 is also available to SNAP card holders. Shoes are optional for your tour according to their website! Be sure to also visit.